After writing some entries in my diary Jesus says these words to me.....


JESUS.....Words, Halina and more words but my words to you delayed awhile. But a mothers heart....... Do not let your concern and sadness interfere with the joy you feel for them and their forthcoming marriage. Time will reveal all and your son is close to My heart. See how honest he is... truthfulness is his hallmark. He is aware of the error but there is love.... Enough now Halina let us go to the meeting of our hearts for it is there that you can learn the mysteries of the Kingdom. There are days to come that are filled with that mystery. Yet there are four Sundays of the time of waiting, of preparation for the celebration of My Birth - to think of My Mother

St John, My Cousin, the prophets - but each day is a drawing closer to the recollection of My Birth.

The heart of My Father burst forth with a passionate love when I was conceived by Grace in the Holy Womb of Mary, My beloved Mother. What a fusion of God and Man - what an impossibility-yet a total reality. Seed implanted in a virginal womb by God Himself so that Mankind could be saved and spared. What and incredible love was present at that moment.


And this is how you must prepare for this fusion this birth. The Advent - this coming is filled with Joy for it makes possible the redemption of man. You must keep this mystery in your heart and mind.

Call to Me - Ask Me to come and I will be there. But you too must come in all simplicity and poverty like My Mother so that you can say ‘Yes’ when I enter your heart.... Will there be a space prepared for Me? Will I be welcomed with Joy? Will I be allowed to stay?

Everywhere there is war and discontent and Man does not know why he seeks after useless things. Christmas is not Christ-Mass - or Christus Regnat or a Time of Christ, of Me the Anointed One - but a time of of empty gestures and false promises of temporal gain - things that do not satisfy the longing of the heart. Now they seek to remove Me from it altogether. I have become an 'inconvenience'

  Yet the essence of all that is, lies in My being sent and My Mothers 'Yes' - her fiat - so complete.


Over the next 24 days I will give you teaching about the WORD made flesh. Words which come from the Heart of God. I Am The Word - I AM - the only Word that you need.. Yeshua - Jesus... begotten not made- one with the Father.


I will take you on a journey into the wastelands of hopelessness and the mountain tops. I will place you by the sea and in the depths of the Ocean - I will take you through the fire of love and the furnace of passion. I will show you the cold, but I will warm you.

So Halina, stay awake for I come when I chose and I stay - sing to Me  'Come Lord Jesus Come' .Remember too that I must return and what was must be again- for I shall come on all the clouds of Heaven- I shall come Glorious and with Victory - borne by Angels

But be prepared at all times - for you do not know the hour. Again mystery, hours, days, years are 'one'. I do not count time for I Am Time.


So now reflect on all this and be ready - ready for THE WORD.


And now what of that house? I warned you to be quick and not to tarry- so how difficult you have made things but I will not desert you for what you must do is important. Michael must take care but not become too despondent or forget his own call!

I must be first in all matters. Consider Me first.

I will not desert you without help but be very quick now as things unfold. Stay awake.

I love you little Rosetta.

H.... Too much for I am not worthy of your love Lord Jesus, you give me strength to go on.

JESUS....And could I not secure you in that love?-

I love all my creatures - and I have called you so I will fill you too.








Following the locution of the 1st of December these are the teachings that I have received.


Teaching 2 and 3


 3rd  December..... (2 and 3rd.)  Byers Green. 2006.


Yesterday (2nd.) I pondered the words Jesus had given me and especially the fact that HE is THE WORD. What did that actually mean? - What did that mean to me? How often have i heard this statement - The Word made flesh and dwelt amongst us - Deus Facto est.... and more., St Johns Gospel - In the beginning was the Word....

"Before the world was created, the WORD already existed; He was with God, and He was the same as God. From the very beginning the WORD was with God. Through Him all things were made. Not one thing in all creation was made without Him. The WORD was the source of all life and this life brought light to mankind. The light shone in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.... (Good News Bible John1.VS 1-5.)


What fantastic words. What words to choose to convey the Message of the Reality of God and the coming of Jesus - Saviour - Messiah. yet again my heart asked - Why 'WORD'?

God  reveals himself in many forms..... I AM - THE GREAT I AM,

ALL IN ALL-  Of course He is, by very definition unsumerisable and beyond definition, therefore beyond words. Yet the symbolism remains - down the centuries we refer to Jesus as the Word.

Why 'The Word'?

I pondered and prayed and continued into Sunday.

It came to me that the word WORD is not a definition of an' object'

like man or cat, book or table but a form, a description of something undefined. But it is to describe a 'sound' - something that may have meaning but remains - hidden until used.

When we utter a word it does not have sense until it describes, defines something. Thus we name the object, feeling, emotion, and this communicates the sense. The ' word changes to a thing or feeling.

Yet that definition still remains a word.

The Creator cannot be defined - before He became Man, He was the undefinable WORD - unshapable - unspecific - unlimited, carrying the potential of all words - all feelings - yet somehow the ultimate therefore WORD - seemingly without form - but greater than any form. Yet that Word took flesh and became definable without loss of WORD and became the Messiah - Jesus, before Whom all knees should bow- Yeshua. The Word became clothed in Flesh - It took upon Itself human form - It became able to be defined and seen.

What and incredible insight St. John had in seeing this!


When we prepare for His coming, we thus prepare not only for the mystery of His birth but for the arrival of the Infinite Word. The Word not only of flesh- but of the indefinable God. Our hearts must receive the Word - and the words of the Word - he translates His essence through His being among us into the Gospel of life. He takes flesh and the Words of THE WORD take form/flesh and tell us who He is and how we must be. If we follow we follow not just His words but WHO He Is - thus the WORD is born in our hearts.

The words of the Gospel become implanted in our being in a most extraordinary way. The Baby became implanted in the womb of Mary- and the Baby, through the living words of the Gospel, becomes implanted in our hearts.

As the disciples at Emmaus said "did not His words burn in our hearts"? The Word had touched them. His words like fire burn a reality!.

In the beginning was THE WORD!


JESUS.......and now, Halina, fall into THE WORD. Let the overwhelming Word define your existence - No you yours, but He defines yours. A child, a newborn like your grandson, your children, is not defined by your 'label' of belonging, or its name even, but by his existence - his life. When I am accepted into your heart I define who you are. You learn slowly to see through My Eyes, hear through My Ears. It is this that My Coming  must achieve. Welcome Me into your essence, your very being. Prepare your heart - everyday prepare, but in the days to come, prepare for The Word.

But beware too, for to accept the Words  of  Life, you must become pure.

Other words, false words, will try to destroy truth and seek to implant themselves, take up quarter. Repeat often “Jesus, Source of Life, Only WORD, make me hear just Your Words"

ADVENT - A Coming -A preparation for hearing THE WORD, a time of stillness.


Teaching 4


 4th/5th Dec. Byers Green. 2.58am.


JESUS.....Did you hear My words to you through My prophet Isaiah? He understood that I must come and that with that coming would come the promise of peace. 'Come' he exclaimed. He so longed for My first coming. He 'saw' Me wounded, He saw me victorious. He called all to worship the true God.

And then there is the valiant Centurion who I praised for his outstanding faith. He did not consider Me worthy to come to his house - to enter under his roof for he was a man who gave orders to underlings but he knew that I was his Master and only a word from Me would save his servant. But he also wanted me to come to him- not in person but by faith.

Reflect on the many ways that I come and in My words.



Teaching 5



 5th December.


It has come to me that ‘The Word ' and Jesus' Coming seem to be the thrust of what Jesus wishes to communicate. We have so forgotten to listen to the word and therefore The Word that we follow is without understanding and without really being committed to the dictates of the Gospel.

So many times we have to question whether there is a real belief in the Presence - complete - in the Eucharist - if this also is a lack of belief in the reality and truthfulness of the Gospel, then we are lost. we must reaffirm this belief in the word - Jesus' words are life giving. We cannot follow words that have no significance to us. Without the Bread of Life we are soul-ness, but without The Word we cannot stand firm or even long for the Bread of Life. Gospel words must live within us.

Today Jesus reminds us of the privilege of seeing Him that the Apostles had and those who lived with Him. Yet we have Him with us in Word and Sacrament and do not consider it a privilege or indeed essential ( Luke10: 21-24.)

JESUS.....Well thought, My little one, well thought. Yes, you  have Me with you in My Words and in My Holy Body, yet you do not heed My Words or receive Me worthily and in your hearts.

On My return will I find any faith left on earth? - Words that now seem to have been lost, yet which should have man searching his soul.

Advent, a time of preparation and searching. Seek and you shall find Me, now and for ever.



Teaching 6



 6th December Feast of St. Nicholas.


Little chocolate gifts sent to family a reminder of a great Saint now parodied as 'Father Christmas' this too is a misnomer/misname for the Father of Christ -mas is the father, God the Father Himself. The Saint gave to the poor and especially children. Today the psalm speaks of the Good Shepherd who tends His sheep. The Gospel speaks of the feeding of the seven thousand,. this now so often distorted miracle explained by the generosity of the crowd shows how badly we hear the Gospel. Jesus makes it clear, 'they have been with Me three days and they have had nothing to eat'. This indicates that there was no food around for them to share. Yet too how hungry they were for His words, they fed on them. Jesus in turn also fed them with both kinds of food - reminding us that we must do likewise - feed both the temporal and spiritual being (Matthew 15: 29-37 )


JESUS......And did not My Prophet, Isaiah foretell that I will prepare a banquet for My People and that all will praise and thank Me. Yes, and the Psalm reiterates this - " He has prepared a banquet for me in the sight of my foes" all food, Halina, all food,- because it sustains life and I have come to give life to all. The banquet that I will prepare at the end of time surpasses all human knowledge and understanding.

All will sit and rejoice at the mercy of  God and His goodness

Prepare for this feast well. Prepare now.


Teaching 7.


7th December


Build your house on rock let not the winds blow it down or the sand shift it as it moves it is I the Lord who speaks to your heart. Mankind,

prepare-  prepare before the sea engulfs you and the mountains fall. the rock is the church - build securely. Do not build your houses on that which cannot be firm and is uncertain. Keep safe. I am the Head of the Church. keep with My Peter, the Rock.

( Matthew 7: 21, 24-27.)


Teaching 8

8th of December Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


JESUS... " Oh highly favoured one" .never has any person been so highly blessed as My Mother. Chosen before time, spotless virginal maiden, Pure in heart and mind, surrendered to the will of My Father she complied with the request to bear a son by supernatural means. no one can match her brilliance and luminosity, yet, she had the humility to ' wait ' in the unknown - to say 'yes' with all understanding - she prepared for the birth of the Son of God by prayer and service. she did not hesitate to help her cousin Elizabeth. She waited for My Coming, yet was not idle or restless. She accepted all with the peace that only heaven bestows. now Heaven bows to her as Queen. Without My Mother mankind would not have seen the Redeemer as Man. wait for My coming as She waited in stillness, patience, peace, prayer and service.

( Luke 1: 26-30)


Teaching 9.


9th December.


For the last two days I have been contemplating the words Jesus gave me and the imperative of stillness to hear and reflect on these words.

On Saturday before Confession I had that very stillness and a certain calmness which seemed to have evaded me in recent times. This was not the loss on inner peace, but an external calmness and an inner silence.


It is rare today to be in a place of genuine stillness, but the inner silence can be gained through prayer. the prayer of 'quiet' is a gift but the predisposition can be sought and a certain degree of stillness found.


I reflected on the waiting and preparation, each of which requires this stillness. Pregnancy often brings with it a quiet contentment, even if other invade matters  and there is a certain slowing down, a preparation for a new life. Mary, Our Mother too, would have experienced this and Joy would have been obvious as well as compliance. This waiting with joyful hope is also a feature of Advent, waiting for Jesus' coming - His Birth, His second coming and His coming to our hearts.


" Be still my soul - be still and know that I am  God- words of a hymn which capture this stillness.


Teaching 10.


10th December.


John the Baptist called to conversion -' prepare, prepare, prepare, the Lord is coming' - 'I am not fit to undo His Sandal - make straight the paths.....'. St Johns words - a call to repentance and a change of life stile. He baptised with water, a symbol of washing, but announced that Jesus would baptise with the Holy Spirit, fire and water. His voice was a lone voice in the wilderness crying for a change of heart this we must do for the lone voices are indeed John few and far between and like them persecuted and rejected. yet they bring countless souls to Jesus. Do we listen to those lone voices? Even Herod knew that St John was special and listened to him, but fear , pride, power, made him keep him in check. Do we keep those who would correct us, lead us, 'in check', so that we are not disturbed in our ways? All this must lead to conversion, a change of heart.


Jesus said that St. John was the greatest of all the prophets he did not discount his words. In Advent we must pray for true discernment,

 so that we can recognise how Jesus speaks to us and through whom.


Teaching 11.


11th December.


the Lord came among them and forgave sins. yet that was nor enough or maybe too much for they wanted miracles, cures of the body! in Advent there is a call to prepare, to be ready - we can do this by ridding ourselves of sins, faults, failings. The greatest miracle is done in each and every heartfelt confession.' Go your sins are forgiven'!

yet do we use this means, the Sacrament for this miracle of grace.

When the paralysed man was forgiven of his sins those looking at this fantastic blessing could not accept it. They questioned Jesus in their hearts. Jesus proved to them that He could forgive sins by curing the man - Rise up, take up your bed and walk-....

(Luke:8 17-26)


Teaching 12.


12th December. feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. ( and St. Francis de Chantal.


JESUS..... Yes... I am the good shepherd, I lead My people to safety. I secure them in the pen and provide for them.

Today - your birth day, and I provide for you too with Joy. I am your very Special Good Shepherd. Remember that Bethlehem lambs are very special, they are destined for the temple of the Lord - as sacrifice/

But I look for the lost ones too, brown ones, white ones, cream ones, fat and thin. (My sons card had sheep on it and 'one' outside the fold, the children's cards as ever so special as all greetings)


In Advent I especially search for those for whom my coming is not welcome or anticipated, for whom  Christmas is 'No Mass' and has lost its meaning, who dread its coming, or see it as a festival of mans structures.   I search for every lost sheep and call it - in so many ways - I coo to it and throw all manners of call to it so that it hears my voice. Yet so many turn away and stay in the thickets lost and alone. In Advent help me look for the lost Sheep and pray that they open their ears, hearts and souls to My Light.

( Matthew: 18 12-14.)



Teaching 13.


13th December 2006  4pm.


Mt 11:28-30.


JESUS....Come to Me all who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest.

Half way through Advent - rest My little ones, rest. Advent is a time not of rush, but rest - not pace, but peace -not of struggle but stillness.

Come, let us sit awhile - give Me your troubles, let us talk them over.

Tell Me what worries you, frightens, disappoints - tell Me. I listen to My people, I love each one and I long for your love and devotion.

I long to hear your voices in prayer, in songs of praise but I love to see you sit with Me quietly reflecting on My return and My first appearing. Gather your thoughts, place them in the basket and bring them to Me. I will see each thought and bless it with joy. Do not ignore My coming- I came and will again. Be still, wait - wait for Me. Be ready - always ready. Hear My words O people, Little Flock.

Hear My words.


Teaching 14.


14th December 2006.


Mt 11:11-15.


JESUS...." A lone voice cries in the wilderness. Make straight the path"

The Herald calls. Listen. The Great Prophet calls for penance and conversion. Now your Lord has come and calls for Love - love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul - Love Him as He has and does love you. You cannot love each other, unless you love your God - For your love is limited, My love is unlimited, total, inexhaustible - My Caritas, My Mercy, boundless. Yes, love one another like this. Can you? Only if you love with My love - the love I place in your hearts when you love Me. I place into your hearts a marvellous love. See how My Mother love with her Immaculate Heart.

See how the saints love. See how St. John ( the Baptist) loved. St John

 of the Cross loved. My Apostle, St John loved Me, and those whose lives show love - so many, so many- but they gained this ability from Me because they loved Me and I taught them how to love by loving them perfectly, and they 'saw' the nature of love and in there gratitude loved back the source of that love and each other. Advent is a call to love, a love call.



The last three teachings, (12, 13, 14, ) were given one after the other. Again, the Lords kindness. I knew that they were linked with the readings - 'The Word' - again. But although I knew and heard - deeply - the readings at Mass, I also could not find the references. Indeed I got up during the night and simply could not find the references at all in any way. Wait, while toil when He provides for His beloved as they slumber. Yet today sitting quietly after doing Christmas cards and sending each with a prayer, He spoke......

I have also had to read over the daily Word - another reminder to listen.... and reflect.


Teaching 15.


15th December 2006.


We went to Sunderland to see Fr. Noel as his 70th birthday was soon. Mass was at lunch time and we came for 'Adoration' before Mass. the words, which had an echo in my heart, were at the end of the Gospel:

" Wisdom is justified by her actions,  and Gods wisdom is shown to be true by its results".


Mt.11: 11-19.


JESUS..... The coming of Light into the world was a mark of the Fathers wisdom. He brought forward the Light, so that darkness could be vanquished. Wisdom was made visible and took on human flesh. I confounded those who would dispute the supremacy of Good over evil - The tricksters, those who manipulate the truth to their own ends, and who invert righteousness and call it evil, and those who say that wisdom lies not in straight paths but crooked ones and twist and turn to avoid the light, will be overthrown, for in their darkness they will destroy themselves.

Those who seek wisdom find comfort in My words. Those who hear My words follow Me.


Teaching 16.


16th December. 2006.


I woke up with the words of the song : Them bones them bones, them dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!'

Ezekiel saw the 'dry bones' taking flesh and coming alive. When we hear the Word of the Lord, we too come alive - We become full of life and we rejoice. St. Paul rejoiced even when in prison, and encouraged others to do the same. John the Baptist prepared the way of the Lord - John, Jesus' cousin, was referred to as Elijah, and that he had come to prepare the way for The Word to become flesh. How he leapt in his mothers womb when Mary our Mother, pregnant with Jesus met his mother, Elizabeth. The Word's presence stirred his very being. We too should leap into life at the sound of His voice, His Words. The prophet speaks out the Word of the Lord. He listens to the Word in his heart.




We must all speak 'this word' out  - Proclaim the Word to all peoples

 and nations.


Teaching 17.


17th December. 2006 (This year it was the 3rd. Sunday, Gaudate or Rose Sunday).


Zephaniah begged all to rejoice for the Messiah would come and set his people free.

All the prophets pointed to the coming of Jesus. John the Baptist came in a long line of prophets though different as his call was the immediate prophetic voice calling all to repentance and to preparation he was also a man of great humility and joy. Indeed even Herod liked to listen to him.

Should we not rejoice that He has come and will come again, that He comes to us daily in Holy Communion and to out hearts in prayer.

We must go out to meet Him in profound Joy and Gladness of heart no matter what circumstances we encounter.



Teaching 18.


18th December.


Oh Beautiful Maiden who waited to see her New Born Son!

Oh wonderous woman of such faith!

Oh brave and glorious woman of destiny, Mother Wife and Servant of the Most High!....

Yet not forgotten is your Husband, Joseph. This man took you for his wife knowing that you were expecting a son. He could have loosed you from the binding of betrothal to spare you, but being a humble and obedient man, listened to Gods messenger, just as you did.

Do not b afraid.. words spoken to the woman and to the man- DO NOT BE AFRAID......to wait in the unknown, to ponder mystery, to continue on the path set, to wait for His Coming, the Son of the Purest Maiden.


Teaching 19.


19th. December.


Like all good things Christmas is worth waiting for but as ever tiredness besets us. There are so many things to do and in the hustle and bustle all can become tedious and difficult- cards, presents, food, decorations, visits.... yet all should be done with our hearts  set on the pupose, the reason for our Joy. A Saviour was born. A Saviour  - literally a Saviour, one who bought us by His Blood. A Saviour who turned the humdrum and ordinary into the extraordinary. A Saviour who promised an 'end' to strife and toil and a promise of Eternal happiness with Him.

Yet we don't seem to understand  or want to live this reality. We do not permit true joy to become the bedrock of our lives. Advent reminds us of the purpose of Christmas and prepares us for Joy. It focuses us.


When the Good News is announced do we truly listen? Again an Angel, Gabriel, tells Zachariah that Elizabeth is to have a son, John, but he doesn't believe this. The Good News seems far fetched. She is too old, he thinks. Yet it was the beginning of the Good News ( Luke 1:5-25). He had to be taught to believe, we too are taught at this time

by example.

Oh Stock of Jesse Come!


Teaching 20.


20th December 2006.


Oh Key of David, come.....

We all come from families - those before us have brought us into being. There are links with the past. Jesus too is connected with History. He descends from the House of David. Again an Angel tells Ahaz that from this House the Saviour will come, born to a young Woman and She would call Him Emmanuel - God is with us ( Isaiah 7: 10-14) St. Luke relates the History, again a link.


Prophets foretell the birth of Jesus. Saints tell us hows to live this reality. Jesus Himself tells us He will come again. Do we really believe this or like our forefathers rejected His coming, reject this reality too?


Elizebeth and Mary meet. Their links are familial - both serve God both believe in the coming of the Messiah. The Children in the womb greet each other. Elizabeth reverences Mary. Mary sings her song of praise-

" My soul glorifies the Lord"

JESUS.....And you, you carry me within. In Word, the Seed of Life, and in Sacrament. Do you reverence each, you, who are the temples of the Holy Spirit?

Do your children know how to respect each other for I Am within?

Families must respect each other and know that they are preparing for the Great Feast, My Return.

Prepare well for Christmas and you will be preparing for Eternity!



Teaching 21.


21st. December 2006.


JESUS....Yes, ponder deeply the meaning of the meeting of Elizabeth, My Servant, and Mary, My Beloved Mother. Reflect on what occurred and why. Follow the events that unfolded. learn from them. Before I was born many angels were sent from on high. Many Prophets foretold My birth. Before I was born first came John. these days of wonder recorded by a holy Scribe, Luke - Saint Luke. Read the words and let them penetrate your hearts. Oh what wonder the Father let Man witness ! What great and wonderful work of God!


Each birth a wonder, each with a purpose. A day of birth, a birthday.( Jesus refers to my youngest daughter born 23 December).


Open your hearts - wide open to receive My Word.



Teaching 22.


22nd. December 2006.


JESUS.... These last days before Christmas  repeat the word of My Mother, the sheer beauty of her actions and her selfless giving, her surrender to the will of My Father, her 'Yes' to all that was asked of her. Repeating some of the words of Hannah She renders glory to God through her heart and soul's song - her life is a prayer of surrender, she lives to 'enlarge' God, give Him the glory, not herself.


Do your actions enlarge God? Are you brave enough to let yourself disappear and God become great in you? Ponder surrender and the will of My Father.


Teaching 23.


23rd. December. 2006.


JESUS....The days shorten and the Messiah, sent by God the Father, waits to be born. His prophet has come. The father of the prophet and those around ponder the sign of Zachariah, his dumbness until he promises the name of his son, John. His eyes are opened and his tongue loosens. He becomes a servant of the Most High. The man and priest, who does not believe, believes and sings a prophetic song.

The Messiah waites for His moment of birth. John arrives - 'Bendictus qui venit in Nomine Domini'.


Teaching 24.


24th December. 2006.


Again the  Lord makes me understand. I did not question that there would be 24 teachings and accepted this while pondering that Advent was longer - however I thought that maybe it was so that always starting on the 1st of December it would take me through to Christmas Eve regardless of the 'days' of the week.

 Yet it was our Parish Priest, Fr. Brian who provided the answer. Now today he said that it was the shortest Advent possible (4th Sunday and Christmas Eve) - only 24 days-  Thank you Lord.


JESUS...Today, Halina, the Word of the Lord is not accepted. Today men make light of My Words and do not let the Light of life penetrate.

Yesterday is also Sunday the remembrance of My Mother, but it is also the day before My birthday, a day to ponder the importance of My Birth. And Elizabeth said to My Mother:" Blessed are you that you believed that the words given to you would be fulfilled" Yes She believed and they came into being. Her whole being became full of me and she gave birth to My being: “The Word became Flesh".


Those who believe My Words became bearers of Me. They become evangelists, bearers of the Good News. But remember too that blessed indeed is My Beloved Mother. But blessed also are those who hear My words and keep them ( Luke11:27-29).


Concluding Teaching.


25th December 2006. 3.am.


JESUS... This night I come. Blessed is the night of My Birth. Blessed are they that keep watch with Me, who wait and listen, watch and see, come and worship the King of Heaven and Earth, King for all Eternity.

Those that come with empty open hands I shall fill with good things. I shall bless their homes and families with abundant peace.

Fear not, little flock, I came to save.

Rejoice, rejoice, for the world has been enlightened.

Praise the Father and Holy Spirit.

Praise the Dawn of Salvation.

Thank the New-Born King.

Thank Me the Son of the Father, for visiting His People.

Love Me always.

Love Me as I love you.



Halina, a struggle completed. Rejoice!

Thank you for being My little Scribe. My Instrument.

Now take some rest and rejoice. All manner of things will be fulfilled, so do not worry. Time will reveal the Father's plan. be always attentive to My Word and wait patiently.


H... I am here to do your will, Lord. Forgive my tardiness and stupidity. I love you, Jesus.