A Teaching through someone else . . . Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for Holiness for they shall have their fill . . .

Michael my husband was unwell and not being able to concentrate well, and both of us being restricted to home I decided to do some spiritual reading and sharing. I picked up one of the books that I had liked so much but given away, only to find it again at Madonna House, Robin Hoods Bay. Called ' My Heart And I' it is a series of reflections and I believe, locutions / inspirations given to Catherine Doherty.( Now Servant of God) In the 80's it had greatly moved and encouraged me. Reading extracts again it still 'held me' the understanding deeper but 'poorer' too as I was now so much more aware of my own shortcomings and struggles.

I read some bits to Michael.

At random again, I opened a section which immediately spoke to me of the Beatitudes, and I knew that this was Heaven-sent, another instruction to add to the teachings. Strangely she wrote these words on the same day that I found them, the 21st of February 2005 but in 1953.

I quote the section called 'The Wind ' as it is so apt and relevant to the requests of My Lord to learn of the Beatitudes: -

"The wind, the wind reared and tore, it wasted and broke all things it touched. It wreaked its vengeance on my soul and tried to break through all its walls. The storm, the rain were lashed by wind into an elemental tidal wave that howled its triumphant song each time it broke a tree or wrecked a roof. It danced; it danced the dance of madness like the lunatic that it was. It took all of my obedience to stand and face the storm alone. I knew that it was more than rain, than sleet. I knew that it was Satan's rage hurled at me, because at every turn I botched and frustrated his plan in souls. But there again, it was not I; for I was but a pebble small in the palm of my Loves hand”.

“Let go and leave the wind alone. No storm can touch you when I say so. For winds and waves obey My Words. Rest now because soon you will walk up a hill called Calvary with Me".

“For years you made the way with Me. And now I shall make it with you. One by one we shall descend into the well of all these stations which you have loved so much and which each have become, unknown to you a part of you."

"Descend; descend into the sea of pain that accompanied Me. Stand still. Behold My Gethsemane. And then feel Judas's kiss touch My fair skin and see it blanch from pain within Me".

“Behold the throngs the soldiers strong hacking me to death and misery, and then behold Pilate and see how fastidious a Roman can be. He knew My innocence and yet condemned Me, but in perfumed waters washes his hands. Yet who would wash his heart?"

“Behold you see a perfect JUSTICE condemned IMPERFECTLY. Do you begin to understand what was meant by this first station of MY Passion of Love for you?" Look back, look forward. For you I will open the rest of time. See how injustice abounds on earth and how charity lies wounded unto death".

“It had to be this way. There was no other to expiate the sins of a million years and a thousand billion men who did, and do, and will continue, to wound Charity, because they kill without mercy her daughter justice, through fear, human respect, love of themselves, or gold."

"I am CARITAS your God. How else could I atone for this dark sin that brought MY Father's anger, except by becoming the exemplar of such a verdict, of such pain? Because of you Pilate by condemning Me, gave Me the way to repair for Loves wounds and those of justice, and thus give strength to all who bear injustice in the evils of the earth".

“It is because I knew of this that I spoke to Man for Justice Fair and told that they who hunger for it shall be filled".

"You see, I'll fill them, for I hungered for justice being Pure Justice Myself. But I met injustice and touching Me it became a flame. Men have burned with it joyfully for My sake. I bore it with a song for your sake".

"Thus I opened the gates of Love by standing before Pilate, My love".

Later that day The Lord Jesus gave me the following confirmation.

JESUS . . . Yes . . . Halina, seek and you shall find - open your mouth and you shall be filled - knock and all the doors will fly open for you for the blessings are for you and those who seek the Kingdom of God from the depth of their hearts and spirits. Keep all that I show you safe and be aware of the nature of love for it is shared. Each one of My little flames has been gifted with some special understanding. I build and reveal in many ways. You gave Catherine’s book away but you treasured it. I treasured your love and replenished it out of love. But all this at the right time, for I taught her and what I imparted to her she imparts to you, so that the links can be made secure chains. Each link, as I have said to you, is pure gold.

After having written this I became very aware of the order in which the teachings on the Beatitudes were given to me, was significant. Following the teaching on Mercy comes the teaching on Justice, the refrain from the psalm 'Justice and Mercy have embraced echoed in my heart. Mans ability to comprehend either is severely flawed. As we try to understand one or the other our temperament and culture as well historic time dictate which is more emphasised. Indeed some people seem to grasp or wish for one without the other. Yet both are equal to God who holds all things and pre-empts all thing. Our paltry attempts to unravel each often leads us to attribute to God mans interpretations.. thus our notion of Mercy is often a very human view of such attributes as kindness, tolerance, compassion but not a God given and 'unlimited' Mercy which cannot be either explained or accounted for or indeed be limited or defined.

So too Justice. Man's justice is often the retributive and power filled attempt at either control or based on our perceptions of fairness, however expressed. Yet Gods Justice encompasses all Holy Righteousness and cannot be compared to our human interpretation. There is no conflict between the two for perfection is the interplay between these qualities and is an exemplification of a Trinitarian God who is Perfectly what He is -- Perfect Wisdom.