Imprimatur of the Titular Bishop Of Nyssa


A transcript of the original imprimatur: -


Bishop Roman Danylak

Titular Bishop of Nyssa

302 South Kingsway 2,

Toronto, M6S 3T9



I wish to recommend this gem of Lenten Reflections on the Way of the

Cross; not only the Way of the Cross of Our Divine Lord, but the Cross

each of us must follow if we are to be faithful to His invitation

Take up your cross daily and come follow Me"


These prayerful reflections are a sequence to a series of earlier meditations

on Christian life received as Locutions of their author, Halina Holman,

in a series known as Rosebuds, Flowers of Surrender of the Crucified



In this present little book, known as The Little Anchors of Hope, Jesus

speaks to us in our moments of discouragement and depondency,

to encourage us to walk faithfully after Jesus, who experienced moments of

despondency and abandonment in His Walk to Calvary.


In this walk, Jesus often raises examples of the lives of Saints and their

'anchors of hope' in their struggle to walk faithfully in the steps of the



With this, I give a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur


+ Roman Danylak

Titular Bishop of Nyssa


Dated at Toronto Canada

Memorial of St Josephat

12 November 2004



To Whom It May Concern:


This book called 'Real Presence - Truth and Mystery' is a beautiful and inspiring series of Locutions given to Halina Holman by Our Lord Jesus and by His Holy Mother Mary. They tell us about the Mystery of Presence and about devotion to that Reality. It guides our prayer and our thoughts to respect, honor and love the Adorable Mystery and The Host and so become transformed by Jesus' Presence. They arrest our attention by emphasizing the sacrificial nature of Divine Presence and the love that Jesus has for us in His self giving.

These locutions teach us to become Eucharistic - and so helping us to be present to other people - encouraging us to be reverent in the reception of Holy Communion and during Mass and appreciate more fully the Holiness of the Priestly Vocation.
Received over seventeen years these Locution and visions give us a rich tapestry of instruction and deepen our awareness of Eucharistic Adoration and ever deepening our prayer.
I would encourage all to reflect on these teachings and let them lead you to the appreciation of this great Gift of The Eucharist.


+ Roman Danylak STL JUD.
Titular Bishop of Nyssa (Emeritus) 


February 20, 2011

Dear Halina,
             With this letter I approve and encourage all readers to read and reflect on these messages.