No. 3 Friday


JESUS......It is I who hung on the Cross, not you.

It is I who spilt My Blood, not you.

It is I who did My Fathers bidding -


But Why-- for I love you so much, so much  and wish to bring you to perfection.


Can you be perfect if you do not do like the Master and follow the will of the Father?


No, It is impossible, so do as I did -- Obey the Father in all things even to the cost of your own life.


PRAY that you do not lose sight of the Cross.


No.4 Saturday


JESUS........So only after a few days you are weary. Was I not weary? Did I not wish to leave the crowd and find rest? But I felt compassion, for they were like sheep without a shepherd.


If you grow weary, serve and you will be replenished.


I who was a Servant will serve you with the love you need to serve. Do not be tempted simply to rest but rest in/on Me.


PRAY that you rest secure in My Heart.