No. 5 Sunday


JESUS....... ( It was still Saturday )

Well nearly so Halina. But wait be patient....... Stop now.



Good evening Halina. I did not call you earlier as you were writing a reflection on marriage as part of your mission, but now you have finished hear Me.

Think carefully about that Holy calling. Have you upheld it as a special call, a holy estate? Have you witnessed to its gifts of permanency and stability? Have you prayed for its success and for your Husband? Today it is no more than a passing whim, a fancy, and the desires of the heart and flesh are not subject to control. You have learnt much from your own experience and indeed loved, and your intentions are even more spiritual than they were at first (in your first marriage.) But remember to pray for the marriage itself. Always present that to Me. Never assume that you pray for each other and with each other that this is sufficient. Pray for the state of marriage. Secure marriages are a gift to the Church and a sign of the Covenant. They are filled with hope. I am the 'third' in all holy relationship.

PRAY that Marriage is a hope-filled estate, that it is both a sign of hope and fills all with hope.

PRAY that it fills families with joy and not sorrow.

Be faithful as I am faithful.

Be a witness to the tenderness of relationship and its requisite sacrifices made with love.


No.6 Monda
y (en-route to Aberdeen, Scotland)

JESUS.......When all around you seems full of hesitancy and despondency--- When 'your little world' no longer is full of laughter and joy.--- When prospects seem gloomy - then think of the misery of those whose lives are not full of any hope because they have no belief in anything of God but only of  Man, for they are looking without realising into constant failure. In times of distress, remember that faith is a blessing and a call to hope as a means of hope.

PRAY that those whose lives are empty find consolation in the Truth of My Being.