No. 9 Thursday


JESUS.........Did Peter not betray Me and yet died for Me and a growing church. Think of all the holy Bishops that have given their lives in order to protect the Truth. Think of  those who were martyred. But remember that even those who fail to guide and serve, for I will use them too, to guard My flock in unexpected ways. Remember that they are but weak men and never cease to pray for them.


PRAY for all Bishops, especially those who weakness leads them to errors of judgment. Pray that they may use their sacred anointing to lead My flock to safety.


PRAY that they may become 'Little Peters' and that the gates of hell shall not prevail against them.


THANK the Father, Son and Spirit for those Bishops that proclaim the Truth, for they hold the Keys of the Kingdom, though, not many, their judgments will prevail.


No.10 Friday


THE FATHER........Peace!  Be peace-filled. Do not let your heart be troubled. Remember that disturbance is not of Me. Answer satan, father of lies, with the Truth and do not let him tempt you. Tell him to adore God His Creator and he will flee.


Even when all seems threatened, be at peace for I hold you in the Palm of My Hand . Remember that I am your Father. It is My Peace I give you.


PRAY that the Holiness of the Trinity envelops you and leads you to a Perfect Hope in Gods Mercy and Love.