No. 11 Saturday
(On a much-delayed train from Aberdeen)



JESUS.......Life is full of surprises......and often seems like everything is stopping or delayed. Life can become dull and seemingly life-less. Other times everything goes smoothly and almost too fast. All things are planned for your instruction. Look for My Hand in everything. It may be that a delay gives you time to ponder and prevents an error of judgment. It may give you a rest, it may help you to adjust to a new situation, or it may give you a choice. It always teaches patience and discernment. Know that I am there if you call on My Name and you will know what is happening, maybe not straight away, but all will become clear. So too with a smooth path. It helps and encourages you to withstand all difficulties. Life is a series of journeys ever deeper into My Heart.


PRAY for travellers, spiritual journeys and temporal ones.


PRAY that Lent may be a time of refreshment and enlightenment and that those whose actual journeys are fraught are taught to see the true purpose of such delays.


Remember too that your delays may be someone else's blessings.



No.12 Sunday


Sundays Little Anchor of Hope on the feast of St. Felicity.(7th March)


JESUS.......On all Sundays in Lent of all holy men and women, all those who have preceded you and those who may follow after. Think of the building up of the Kingdom and the purpose of creating man and women in the likeness of God.


PRAY in thanksgiving for all the Saints. Chose one especially and pause to pray with joy for their life and what it has taught you.


PRAY also in petition for All Souls especially who are still awaiting final purification. Chose one to pray for especially. Also supplicate My Mother to help them. Do this every Sunday of Lent, My period of Hope.