15 Wednesday (Given on the following Friday out of  courtesy because  of ' certain' trials).


JESUS .........All things that are not of  God will end.  All suffering and all sorrow will end, for the faithful a time of peace and joy to overflowing will follow.  --


Jesus pauses and sighs.


My little ones, do not get despondent - all trials will end and then you will rejoice.


PRAY  that you will endure to the end.


16 Thursday

JESUS ....... Abstain from all bitterness and anger.

Abstain from all that eats into your spirit, that takes away from hope, for it fills you with relentless anguish.


Lift your faces to the Son of Hope.


I have redeemed you and love you - Do not be afraid.


PRAY  that sorrow and anguish do not deflect you from your missions.

Be open to all My promptings and fill your hearts with hope.