17 Friday


JESUS ....... Today ponder every step I made to Calvary.  Tread that weary, thirsty way with Me.  The sun beats down on your broken body and you long for respite and a drink. Stop, your body screams but you must get up and move on. You have not energy and the Cross lies ahead - but you move on.


Your heart pumps blood around your chest and head and it leaves the body through all the sores inflicted by cruel, hard-hearted men who spit on your pain.  With each drop you lose power, lose more energy, but still you get up and move on.


A hill lies ahead --- your spirit shrieks -- but you move on.


Your pain magnified by the love of those whom you love tears into your very fibres.  You move on - and on - AND ON!


You see the end is near but before that -  more tortuous pain. Your mouth is dry with heat, dust, exhaustion and fear.  You lick your lips - but taste - salt and blood.


You CRY OUT  - 'FATHER!' and His Angels walk with you.


He grants one request - for the Son of Man must suffer and die - HOPE

It bends the road, it softens the weight, it buckles the nails - Hope - the gates of hell will close - the Son will Raise the Cry -


'Come, follow Me and gain Life'.   Hope will never be extinguished.

PRAY 'My Journey'.

18 Saturday

I woke with the words of this hymn on my lips:


"Daily, daily, sing to Mary - sing, my soul, Her praises due -

All Her feasts, Her actions worship, with a heart's devotion true -

Lost in wond'ring contemplation, be Her majesty confess'd -

Call Her Mother, call Her Virgin, happy Mother, Virgin blest"


JESUS ....... And as promised She, My Most Beloved and Precious Mother guards your children -  So be at peace - Your mother's (ly) heart must be like Hers, surrendered, - but your pain will be used.


This Saturday pray for all mothers.  Is a mother not a bringer forth of that which gives life.  The Spirit guides each mother to love into wholeness and bring encouragement and hope to her children.  A mother bears life to give life - true life - Eternal Life by being a beacon of that Life.  She shows her children that in adversity, sorrow, sadness there is hope of something better - something of Heaven, by her sweet kiss, her loving embrace, her tender smile.


My Mother brought joy to My childhood's heart and upheld Me as I bore the sins of Man.  She taught the Apostles the imperatives of Apostolic Action rooted in Love, Hope and Faith.  She held all things in Her Heart.  Today reflect on Motherhood.


PRAY for All Mothers.