19 Sunday


JESUS........... Remember the Saints and Holy Souls, as I asked.



JESUS........And today think of children- For a mother becomes so by her children. Think of the path the little ones have to tread today. Think of all the horror of today's world - but think of the crucial nature of their calling to holiness as children - for each estate has its own call.


Children too must be holy, lest they are called early.


Remember the little girl who assisted Naaman and the many who are crucial in the teachings of faith.


Innocence - must be protected.

Purity - must be safeguarded.


PRAY for all children that they are not misled by wicked men and false teachers, false witness.


H...... Thank you Jesus.

I am struggling to keep 'on track'. The desolation is so intense on Friday, I can barely keep upright. I seem to be totally lost and incapable of any thing even tears. Words seem pointless, prayer impossible, devotion insensible, and prey to temptations of different types - this time, of anger and frustration and denial of our call: this time, so intense I feel I am wrestling with forces of some ferocity. Even so I hope in You, but only by Your grace - not even Mass this Friday (cancelled).


JESUS.........Halinka------- I know.

Love Me as I have loved and always love you. Even this desperation is a reflection of My Path - a trial and a gift of oneness with Me.


Lift up your eyes. Look at Me. I am with you.