21 Tuesday


A disagreement reminded me of the need to forgive. The Mass readings ' forgive not seven but seventy-seven times' were a poignant confirmation of this.


JESUS......... Forgiveness is the great sign of hope.


Only those who love can forgive and they learn forgiveness by being  forgiven so much by My Father. Hope, true hope in this loving forgiveness is crucial to a 'firm purpose of amendment', a term now almost forgotten.


To love without reserve is to change around and make new all that is not of Me  but comes from within the frailty of man.


Forgive deeply Halina and never cease to correct a lapse in your endeavours.


PRAY that you can always forgive and pray for those who cannot forgive.



22 Wednesday

JESUS........Ah Yes, Betrayal!  This is very hard to forgive - but did I not do so. Peter is a symbol of hope for those who betray and are forgiven, and Judas those who cannot be forgiven as they cannot bow low and plead for Mercy. They cannot forgive themselves, for pride rules their hearts and wills.


Think that all people betray someone at least once - by an unkind thought or word, not to mention gossip or false testimony. All these acts of betrayal have to be recognised and confessed so as to be forgiven. If in true sorrow they are confessed, they are forgotten.


But those who uphold lies and calumny sin grievously against the Holy Spirit and their sorrow has to be abject and sincere, and it is for My Father to judge this. Yet hope of conversion must be brought to such and prayed for with as many tears as the depth of sin requires.


PRAY that hope is given to the desperate sinner.