23 Thursday


JESUS........Today 'Little Rosie' (one of a few affectionate names Jesus uses). Look at the sky - look at the longing hearts of My Mother and My Heart - Look at the rise of spring and the beauty of Creation. Is not the recreation of nature a sign of hope? Is not the love that is shared by all the Saints such a hope? Is not the love of My Mother for all her children a sign of hope to a world determined to destroy itself.


The heavens look at desolation and remind Mankind of the resurgence of beauty, of spirit and of nature. God made every thing good.


Thus will it be for all will be restored and not forsaken.


PRAY that all that earth yields will glorify the Creator and be sign of the Oneness of all things.


PRAY  too that the beauty of the Spirit will dominate and bring others to a realisation of Presence.


No.24 Friday
(Given on Thursday )

JESUS..........Tomorrow is  Friday, a day that all Holy Souls long for, for it is a day that My 'little sufferers'  can offer to Me to help those who await purification. It is a day that you walk in the intensity of a broken world and look upon the sufferings of My Heart and My Love and you feel the Scourge and the Cross.


Today OFFER  every little action to My Father with Me, united so that a healing can take place of broken and sinful man and reparation can be sustained. My Blood spills over, My Love is outpoured.


Today SUFFER with all willingness and joy, for today despair was thwarted and hope hung high for all Mankind.


Today SUFFER and DIE to SELF for all people.


All people  PRAY for the salvation of all!