25 Saturday




This Saturday had its own inbuilt aspects. The often heart breaking reality of not being able to affect or help a 'child', a beloved child, and that in this our Mother Mary is expert. Not only was She not able to change the course of Her Sons agony but had to witness it, yet hope in the action of Her Father in Heaven.  She also now feels the pain of all mothers for their children, especially the lost ones.


On Saturday I was acutely aware of this and begged Her help.


Jesus reminded me several times of the imperative to love without reserve and that grace would overcome all if used.



26 Sunday


Again a Day for Saints and Holy Souls.


I reflected on St. Jane Frances Chantal, Foundress of the Visitandine Sisters, and also St. Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Congregation of the Passion (Passionists).


I prayed for various deceased friends and acquaintances.