27 Monday


JESUS......... I left you to write the last few days for you lived them.

Today think of the open Heart of Jesus. I keep My Heart open to all.

I will refuse no one, not even the greatest sinner, a safe haven if they truly repent and are sorry for their sins. My Heart is an open wound for all to hide, like a harbour. Surely that is a sign of hope for troubled man? All things can come to rest in My Heart.


ANCHOR  yourselves to My Heart.


The Prodigal Son re-anchored himself to his father and sought forgiveness, which was forthcoming.


He trusted and had hope that he would be forgiven. Do the same.


PRAY that all who sin never lose hope and that as quickly as they are able re-anchor themselves to My Heart, so full of Love and forgiveness.


28 Tuesday


JESUS.........Today reflect on man's  ability to change and correct his faults. Many great Saints have had to battle with faults and failings...and sins. They never gave up even when darkness overwhelmed them. Grace is always sufficient for the task ahead.


However impossible it might seem, it will be enough to ask for help and it will be given. Every sin can be rejected and faults corrected, one at a time, bit by bit, inch by inch. Storm Heaven for Grace and it shall be poured out in abundance.


What hope lies in change. never forget that.


PRAY that all (people) will be changed during Lent, changed into a reflection of the Trinity