29 Wednesday


"Today remain open to the Truth. Truth sets one free and liberates our spirits to follow Truth".


I was not given a specific reflection but an overwhelming desire for integrity of heart and mind. Seeking truth in whatever direction will reveal our path and fill us with the desire for the beauty of seeing things as God - Father, Son and Spirit- see them and lead us to perfect hope.


I prayed for clarity and integrity and love, the ability to love.


30 Thursday (Feast of the Annunciation.)


The Lord gave the following words to me:..


I am the Good News.  Proclaim Me to all peoples and nations.

Go fearlessly into the heart of man and to those dead to the words of God and proclaim Me as Life.


My Mother heard the words of My Father and made her Fiat.:


'Be it done unto me according to Thy Word.'


Let the earth surrender itself in like manner.

Let all nations hear the Good News.

Hope in Me for I am Life Itself and bestow life on My followers.


Pray for all those who speak the Good News to others and live the Good News in their hearts.