31 Friday


JESUS........In moments of great loneliness - think of My Agony in the Garden and you will be encouraged.


In moments of great  fear - see how I walk the hill of death to life.


In moments of deep sorrow - meet Me as I met My Mother in inconsolable grief, yet She stood by Me.


In moments of great despondency and near despair - remember Love and that Love was Crucified and yet lives, and that you are always loved and Love's desire for you is your hope.


PRAY  'that they may be one as I and My Father are one'.



32 Saturday


JESUS........You do not know the future- it is withheld so that trust can be greater and deeper.


One who knows the way does not require a guide.


But all mothers guide their children and My Mother guides all to Me.

If in doubt, follow Her lead.


PRAY that all follow My Mother, who will bring all  Her children to Me and My Father.