33 Sunday


JESUS ....... Choose one Saint of your time and one Apostle to reflect upon.


PRAY for one Holy Soul especially.



34 Monday

JESUS........Soon it will be the time of My Passion. To be pierced is to be cut through. My Hands and Feet were transpierced  and by these Wounds was I hung. These Sacred Wounds were filled with mans implements of torture. There are many such tools today that pierce My Hands, Feet, Side, and Heart. My Body bears the malice of many.


Imagine the lovelessness that I feel when day after day man drives more tortuous nails into Me. Man denies what I am and continues to let My Blood redeem.


I am One with My Father and Spirit.

We are inseparable. My Father sees all knows His Sons Agony.

I come from the Father and return to My Father.

He will not permit the destruction of My Body, the Church.


PRAY that true unity of spirit will prevail and that all will know Me as a Saviour and not mock My Humanity or My Divinity by denial of My Passion.