35 Tuesday


JESUS........ 'Man does not live on bread alone but on every Word that comes from the Heart of God'.


Dear Rosie - If you are hungry eat, if you are thirsty drink, but if you seek Me devour My Words for you will not satisfy your hunger with food or drink, but by My Breath which I have implanted in the Word.


Eat My Words and you will be filled.

Devour The Word and you shall be sated.


Only this food brings comfort to the soul and consoles that wellspring of desire.


When you do this We fuse together but hope there is then for new life.

This anchor will hold.


PRAY that you will always receive me worthily and that others will come to realise Who I Am .


36 Wednesday


JESUS........Yes, Halina, the Bishop was right. Say the words:

'A pure heart create for me, Oh God, put a steadfast spirit within me'.

Say the whole of that psalm (Ps 50)  and breath the Breath of the Spirit.


Those who are pure in heart have hope, for they understand that only through steadfastness and purity of heart will they be witnesses to the Joy of the Resurrection.


PRAY that you will not be deflected from the virtue of purity and that you will have the courage to lead others to it.