37 Thursday


JESUS...........Today reflect more on how My People Israel and Judah sustained during exile and kept hope alive amidst tribulation.


I did not break My Covenant with them.

I am the Lord Who keeps My Word.

Trust in Me and Hope will spring to your rescue.


PRAY that all who feel hopeless because of captivity will have the freedom of true hope.


38 Friday


JESUS.........If I hold the canvas blank it is so that you can see Me more clearly and are not encumbered by artistic form or wordy expression or any interpretation but Mine. See it is unframed for no one can contain the Works of God.


So too is the Holy Virtue of Hope. It's boundless for those who hold nothing in their hearts save a desire for Me.


I Am Hope.

If your hope lies in Me and My Truth, it will always sustain.


PRAY that Hope bears fruit in Charity and Faith for all Mankind.