39 Saturday


JESUS.........' Can you not watch with Me one Hour?'


Mankind must not sleep but wake up to the reality of satan's wiles.

Even the Elect are being deceived and are shutting their eyes to the deceptions which lead people away from Me and into the snares of the tempter. They deceive themselves as to the nature of their state of soul, thinking themselves as good when only those who have been purified can be called 'good'. They will fall into the pit, for they do not use the graces given to them to help them see their sinful states. Sin is something that they believe others do and not themselves. Seeing themselves as perfect, they do not change.


Wake up, My dear People, Wake up - Stay awake. Let My Holy Spirit shine a light into your souls.


PRAY that this Holy Week, the Week of My Passion, is a time of True Conversion of Heart, that Mankind changes from looking at the sins of others and looks at themselves.


40 Palm Sunday


JESUS......One day all Mankind will rejoice at seeing Me. All those purified by Grace and submitted to My Father will weep with abundant joy. The false wavers of palms will be gone and the humble will be glad and throw kisses and love at Me, for I shall be their Lord and Brother, their true Hope, fulfilled unto Eternity. Make sincere hope at My Coming dwell in your heart and give your heart joy.


PRAY for the Grace of Endurance for all.


Then Jesus says: Halina, today ends The Little Anchors of Hope.

These forty teachings and meditative prayers are to encourage

all who read and live them from their hearts........


At the conclusion of this note book, Jesus adds:

Halina, print out The Anchors of Hope how I have shown you, clearly, with clear speech marks and two on each page when possible.

I love you, My little Rosetta.