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Thursday 12th August 1999 10:06am Church of St. Michael the Archangel. after Mass
MOVED TO HUNTINGDON. (3rd. August 1999 )

Jesus.........Halina, I said to you yesterday, Why do you ignore Me? Do I have to give you a special call in order for you to listen to Me? Can you not respond at the slightest whisper of the SPIRIT? My sheep, my sheep, my sheep -where are you all, where are you? I cannot see you in my house. I call you all, yet you do not come. Halina, offer me your body as expiation for those who are lost and wandering away. I need victims, Oh how little the world understands this little word. It is such a pure word. So Holy. My Father has blessed it and all those who hold its secret. Why, Halina, do you say that you do not understand what the Father and I say to you when we ask for your body? In your heart you do, but you turn away from the purity of the call because you have made assumptions about how We will use you body. All we ask is that you offer up your entire self as a sacrifice for us to use as  We will, not as you think or conjecture. Pray to Our Father for this grace of total surrender. You keep offering most 'of'  yourself and keep some elements back. Yes you try but you depend on your resources not Ours. Remember, remember, remember, you can do nothing without Us/ Me. Halina, I wish to school you further I pour out my grace upon your soul~ bathe you in light and holiness, make you transparent. Now glow with that light, the light of truth. Halina, do not let anything or anyone deflect you from your mission. Before you came to Huntingdon I gave you three visions. do you remember them ? Yes, you do. Please write them out (Jesus relates them as I start to use my words).

The first one I showed you, a chapel, a room in a house, you saw the altar and the potted flowers the background was cream. This is where I want you to spend your time. It is My house not yours. Think how similar your house is to what you saw? No, it is not the same but it might be with your prayer. The second vision was of me on the Cross. You were puzzled because I was seemingly lying down- sideways- the Cross was the white cross and I was all in light- as was the cross. Halina can you not understand. I am rising- my cross is being erected for all to see. Soon it will appear- like the dawn- It is not yet time for it to be fully visible but it will be soon. The world is in turmoil and I am lying at the door of the dawn and will rise above the earth. Pray about this for you have the image clearly in your mind.

Finally I gave you a picture of myself on the cross- a natural image surrounded by 16 roses, around the cross like stars. You were perplexed as to the meaning of this and I asked you to pray about this, which you did- seeking an explanation. I am true to to my word. If you ask you shall be told. We are in relationship are we not. Why should I withhold that which I have received in love. I do not give without giving explanations. It does not make sense/my love; of the covenant promise if I do not enlighten you. Pray for discernment and your Spiritual Director as well as your Parish Priest. What you feel in his presence is my gift to you all - your husband, him and you yourself. It is to reassure you of my plan- yet unknown to you but known to MY Father and I and Our Holy Spirit. Do not be alarmed follow your heart. He is a wonderful guide and I speak my words through him Now Halina for sixteen days I will explain the meaning of the roses. Why are you so timorous and nervous about this? AGAIN your spirit is very aware of the importance of what I am to disclose so you shudder. Holy tears as Catherine Doherty says ( I am rereading Poustinia). Please get in touch with Madonna House. Halina- stop for a moment. Ask my mothers help. See how She comes. No I do not want you to wait for the first rosebud. I wish to give it to you now- you are so shy and fearful. STOP HALINA-Stop.

The First Rosebud is Grace -it hangs over my head. It is the perfection of love. My love reaches to all the earth and converts all to the perfection of holiness. Open your heart, your whole body and grace will flood into your spirit. Grace is the gentility of the Fathers love which enables the stubborn heart and will to bend and be molded. It turns the fearful heart into a bold one. It enables the whole spirit to bend and prostrate itself. To be 'grace filled' is to filled with the Holy Presence of Our Presence. Grace- a gift a wonderful gift of redeeming love. To be filled with grace is to be graced with Gods favour -to become a pure vessel. It is always available- Man ask for it. Know its colour- its feel Feel it pour down into your whole being. Grace- to be graced is to be honoured with the divine. It is God stooping down to Man to a supreme act of love.: TO SAY TO MAN I SHARE MY LOVE MY SPIRIT with you. I will not desert you. I will not leave you orphans I will fill you with all the spiritual food you need for I wish you to be with me and never choose the path of the evil one. Without grace this is impossible. With grace the evil one cannot penetrate your innermost being and runs away in despair. Grace is the Hope of Enduring love. I grace all my people. How my grace flows down. Yet my little ones close their hearts and close the jars of their bodies so I cannot pour in my grace to protect them. Halina keep the abundant grace flowing into your spirit. Do not close the Jar even for a moment. Filled with me what else do you need. Nothing, you will lack nothing and I will take care of all your needs. Can you not see what I am doing since you said 'Yes' to my requests for you to go to Huntingdon. Every thing is provided. But it is for a far greater good than only the material. You know this but seek little answers. Wait for my words to you- but stay grace filled and listen to my every sigh. I have left you space to do your duty and sort the home out but sigh for me -more Halina much more, so much more. You can and must do so for I am a jealous God and I wish to own you totally. Use my grace". Grace- the the First Flower of Surrender of the Crucified Jesus.

H......... Lord fill me with the sweet fragrance of Grace. Let your scent be so sweet that it draws others to you through my unworthiness. Jesus make me a blossom in your garden. Teach me to be always ready to accept the grace necessary for you work without question and with the certainty of knowing that it is your most holy gift. Give me a thankful heart. I love your rosebud Jesus. Amen.

Jesus..... Halina go now and have something to eat- share this grace with Michael and your parish priest.

H......... Jesus...?

Jesus......I will help you - Don't worry.

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