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Saturday/ Sunday 14th/15th August 1999 1.41. a.m. Home Huntingdon
Feast of the Assumption Of Mary, Virgin and Mother.

JESUS.... So you finally made it. What am I to do with you? Why do you delay I called you many times this evening-I asked you not to do you father's curtains - Do I have to remind you to leave your father to me? But I waited till you had finished and then you started another task -etc. etc. etc.

So now you are tired and reluctant. Halina, many souls would die for one word from Me heard audibly yet you delay. Have you no shame? ( Jesus sighs )

H.... I am sorry Jesus - I just can't seem to bend to your will at present in all things - I have so many things on my mind - yet I know none really matter. Jesus I need your grace.

JESUS.... Then ask - nay beg- all the time for it. You know when it is granted - When you were packing I gave it in super-abundance, you knew it; plead with Me Halina..

Now the next Rosebud, the next flower of the Crucified, is HOPE You have known this for the Holy Spirit graced you with this knowledge. Now listen carefully to what I will tell you about this gift of Hope.

Hope - Holy Hope is the summit of Grace. it enables the spirit to endure when all seems lost and no glimmer of light shines on the soul. Yet it remains steadfast in both love and prayer. It acts under this inspiration of the Holy Spirit without any tangible certainty yet with an abiding faith and an transparent awareness that all will be well. Holy Hope is not the mere expectation that things will be 'ok' and that things and patterns will turn about bringing good things in the wake of bad. It is the complete and utter knowledge that in all things God is in full control, so that whether in life and/or in death He knows all things. It is a certainty, even in grave doubt that nothing can come between the Creator and the created, for in Love he holds the soul in the palm of His Holy Hands. The everyday events are not crucial to this Hope- disaster or bliss, solitude or company, pain or pleasure. Nothing alters the degree of Hope. Yet this is a pure gift. Anyone who has felt the icy fingers of despair or known real travail and has prayed, knows the joy of Hope. This Hope fills the spirit with the Trinity. The abiding Presence of an indestructible and faithful God, so that the spirit responds by knowing that it has been touched by the Infinite so it cannot surrender to 'nothing' but to something greater than itself, more powerful, more awesome, more lovely, more gracious, kind, faithful, and so the soul sighs with relief and goes on in spite of trepidation and anxiety. The transformation of hope to Holy Hope is by grace.

A virtue is perfected but it is given as gift. Halina, it becomes a true virtue when in human terms it is impossible. How many souls reach goodness but when they strike an impasse of great proportions give up, or slide back, or like little children place blame or neglect on the author of the trial. But, Little One, it is precisely then that the virtues are cultivated and explored pushing the limits of perseverance to the utmost. You have heard the expression "never give up hope'. Well, I say to you Hope is the knowledge that I will never desert you, so to never give up Hope is to never in any circumstance to give up on Me and give Me up. How can anyone doubt Me? How can anyone give Me up? - I the Lamb that was slain, the perfect victim, I, the Crucified Redeemer. You cannot know the agony of the Cross or the depth of pain and aloneness and deprivation of consolation i experienced on the Cross. I called to My Father in My hour of desolation - ELIA ELIA LAMA SABACTHANI - " My God, My God, Why Have You deserted Me?" Yet Holy, Holy Holy is the f Father and in My Love and total Hope I finished My Mission - I died of Love. Hope was to be ever secure. Halina, always have Hope - do not lose sight of Hope. Never let anyone call it optimism. Holy Hope is the gift of The Crucified Redeemer. It is indeed a beautiful flower, a Rosebud of perfect hue. Pick up the Rosebud and let it's sweet fragrance fill you so that you become a person of true Hope. No Saint has ever reached perfection without this flower. Halina, pick it up and smell it so that it's fragrance becomes part of you.

Halina, continue to pray for Father Peter (*) and all Priests that you know - The two priests that you were supposed to write to died - Why did you not write? But your same prayers helped them. Pray also for your guide and pastor, Father Nicholas. He will consult his mentor on many matters and pray that he asks what he needs to know and that he is not deflected in his search.

Do not worry about your father and daughter. Know that I am leading them both.

Now go to sleep and wait for the Third Rosebud to be given to you. Sleep well. Good night.

COMMENT......Mary did not speak to me but I had a feeling of Her Presence at the end of the Message.

(*) NB...... Jesus referred to our Spiritual Director by his surname at this time as we ourselves did. However, later He spoke of him as 'Fr. Peter' in the more familiar way. However for the purposes of consistency he will be referred to by this name throughout.

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