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Friday morning 3rd. September 1999. 4.40. a.m. Home Huntingdon.

JESUS.... Have you had some sleep now? See how disobedient you are. I called you just before you went to bed but you were too tired. Did you not think I would sustain you? I woke you up again and you wait before you give Me your prompt attention. Yet you cannot resist Me either. Halina, know what is happening do not fight Me within yourself. You will not extinguish that call, for I will continue to call you and it will cause you more pain to decline or delay than to respond.

Halina, be NOT afraid - do not fear. I am guiding you and I will not let you enter into error. When else can I speak to you at the moment? I said that I would come to you soon.

Now for the Fourth Rosebud, which is Purity. I gave you this at the end of the last message, but you were not sure. Why? You did not put it into your heart- I did.

( I prayed to Mary at this point for guidance and against self deception )

" Oh Purest of Creatures, Sweet Mother, Sweet Maid ' - ( The words of the Hymn came into my heart straight away. )

JESUS.... My Mother answers your prayer and is with you. DO NOT FEAR. You see, She is the PUREST of Creatures. Your intentions are often so clouded by things which obscure your vision and lead to doubt and uncertainty. When your own vision is imperfect, then the ' tempter' can distort and make you weak in your responses building on that doubt. Today Mankind distrusts purity, certainty, faith and in your self analysis you build-in 'doubt' as healthy and honest. Yet Purity of intention is not of this order. Purity is a gift of the Father to those who are washed in the waters of salvation and bathed in the Blood of the Lamb. The gift is given not to the wise of this world, for real Wisdom is simplicity and poverty of spirit. To be pure is to be in-filled with the grace of being washed clean. It is to be transparent in intention. It surmounts all anxieties, fears, doubts, and says-Thy will be done, Father, in all things. Purity cannot be confused with chastity. Chastity is one sign of Purity, but it is not synonymous with Purity. What colour does Purity suggest to you Halina?

H.... White, Jesus- Dazzling white.

JESUS.... Well then, be white. When Paul, My disciple, fell to the ground, he was dazzled by the Purity of the Father. He was so dazzled, he could not see. So Pure is the Light of Truth that it overshadows all else but it is not a shadow but a searing light, a kind of illumination that burns deep into the spirit enkindling the embers of the heart with a certain love- this love the permeates so that doubt becomes incongruous with what the spirit knows to be the Truth. Even when it does not experience the Light or feel its warmth, it knows of it and lives in it even if it 'feels' darkness. A spirit cannot, while on this earth live in the spotlight of the Fathers Light, for it would be blinded. But the rays so impart themselves that, unseen to the spirit, they shine and make clear what seem dark either within it or around it. To be anointed with this Light is to be gifted with Purity.

Purity. Have you not met anyone whose sheer beauty shone in their actions even if all about them was gloomy and dark? My Mother shone like this. That is why the evil one hates her so much-' the one spotless Womb where Jesus was laid. Dark night has come down on us, Mother, and we look to thy shining- Sweet Star of the Sea'-yes, the words of the hymn so clearly say what I wish to tell you. Mary shone. She is the example of Purity for/to today's world. She shines as a Beacon of Light to both those who would reject God and the believers. Her Purity is without question. The 'tempter' cannot abide this virtue. The interior light of the soul makes him flee- run away, for he is the master of darkness. Oh, if only Mankind would seek that light it would not be subject to his base intentions and dominion. Let Mary's light protect you from him. Look, Halina, at the Light of Mary's Mantle. It is so delightful. It gleams with whiteness and cleanness Purity is a gift. It's given as sign, but it overflows from the Rosebuds already mentioned. It cannot be granted and kept unless there is Humility in the spirit. The light which shines from the Just is the light of Purity, a guarantee of the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Halina, your eyes are burning now so I shall stop, but close your eyes put out the light and bask in My Light. I will enlighten you and tomorrow speak to you again on this virtue. I teach in many ways-- Submit yourself to Me-- Hand Me your spirit-- Open the door wide, very wide. Halina, turn off your light. ( I put the light out.)

8.15. p.m. at Adoration

Jesus bid me recall what happened when when I put the light out last night. At first I felt this overwhelming peace, a kind of warmth, yet it wasn't a 'consolation', rather an affirmation for underneath this was the dryness that characterised my path. I saw nothing but then after a longish while I felt the Body of Jesus in my mouth so clearly. I felt the Holy Host melt in my mouth, cleaving to the roof of my mouth first. I was taken aback. When I awoke in the morning the feeling of receiving Communion was still with me, and I was still surprised for I had been to Communion that morning ( Thursday a.m.). I took it as a gift to encourage and strengthen me in Purity.

JESUS....Halina stop writing up what you experienced and I will tell you something more about Purity. Purity is a vessel, a ship which carries us to the highest heaven. I came to you as a Pure Host last night for the interior struggles you are experiencing surpass what you have experienced to date. I cannot purify you any further unless I let you experience the degrading weakness of your own self. You are experiencing the depth of all that thwarts your total communion with Me. You must learn to be totally honest with those around you and in prayer. You think you are and indeed act accordingly but the stress you are experiencing speaks not of surrender but of the hidden enemy pf pride and rebellion and manifest hurt as a result of a false perception of self. I say this to guide you. It is undoubtedly difficult to surmount insult, injury, offence, degradation and rejection but the pure spirit greets these with joy unbounded. I know your struggles. Others faults cannot be justified but your inner disposition is what I wish to observe. Why do you allow others to disturb your peace. If I indwell in you speak to Me and I will rescue you from harm and not let you be distressed so that you lose your inner peace. Stop for a little while but be ready later when I call.

3.45. a.m. home.

Please take care to respond instantly. The quicker you respond the quicker you can return to sleep mortal man. Thank you for responding quite quickly. I continue. Hmm....(Jesus pauses) Inner peace - a dialogue with the Almighty (All- Mighty). If you retain a communication with me at all times you will not lose your inner peace no matter what the circumstances. Halina please concentrate. Purity is not to be considered as an unreachable goal, something impossible , for men are imperfect. By purifying yourself- by submitting yourself to my purging you can be made clean and attain a beauty a radiance of spirit which will show an unbelieving world the power of prayer. If you pray, that communication that dialogue, that communion, that contact with Holiness transforms the Spirit into an ever purer vessel which by its contact with the sublime changes and becomes richer, lovelier, beautiful and radiant. Remember Moses-- What happened to him on the high mountain.? He could not be looked upon by his fellow- men because his face had 'seen', be in, the Presence of God. The nearer you come to Me, the more pure you become and you live My life. As the reading said at Mass, you are called to live in the Light.--" Thy pure beaming radiance give, Thou the Father of the Poor. Come with treasures which endure- come Thou Light of all that live". Yes, another poem/hymn that expresses this Mystery. Seek light. I give light in light. To pray is already to be enlightened, to seek the things of Heaven. Halina, draw what you are being shown, do not hold back. You find this difficult. Why? You will not get it wrong. It is simple- The Trinity- The Father send His Spirit, who graces the soul and reveals the Son- a pure gift to mankind. The son was a pure gift to all. He was pure because He always did as His Father bid, always attuned to the Spirit. To be pure you have to be like the Son. Follow the Son. Always follow His example. To do so is already to accept the Spirit and yearn for Purity. The golden rays of the Fathers Love are such that they grant to the seeker the means to find Him. The harder a man looks the more he will find, the purer he will become. Confession of self is also a means to purity. To admit to one's fallibility and weakness is to open yourself up to the Spirit, to be made clean and pure- " Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven". Yes, and how much this is true. The purer the spirit the more they will seek this remedy for spiritual renewal and perfection. My little lamb, please seek for purity, I wish you to be whiter than snow- gleaming, white purer than refined gold, transparently beautiful. Give Me your heart and I will irradiate it with pure beams of light. Halina, I could speak all eternity of Purity. Please become pure. Speak of this Rosebud often.

I will grace you with deeper insight all your life if you become pure in spirit, but now little one try to retain what I have taught you. See how already you long for more. Walk among the Saints in Light in the Light of Gods own grace. ( I stopped to start a new writing book it was black with gold edges) What a lovely book Halina. Put Me in the centre of all that gold. I am the Refiner, the Purifier- the Perfector of souls. Let Me write on the pages of your spirit- be like this new blank page-white pure- an open book for me to write what i will in it's pages. Give me your life an open book for all to read my words so that all can learn and be purified. It takes courage to be blank to be used- a tool in the hands of your Creator but please be one for the sake of the Kingdom. Halina of Light. Halina of great nothingness and servant of the poor. Remember that title. Does it make more sense to you now than two years ago? You pause to reflect on this- so many things have altered, so many things changed and hoe you have changed and grown.

My deeper words to you began on the feast of St. Clare- 11th. August and then My Mothers Feast of her coming to Heaven bodily ( for she always had 'one foot', a foothold in Heaven. So I spoke on the Feast of another lady of Light- Clara. All by design- all by My Fathers design. See how I prepared the ground for many years gifting you in so many ways. Words here visions there building you up in preparation for the task I have set. How overwhelmed you were at times. The Capitulation Prayer before this time of listening and writing overwhelmed you so what has been done for you and for you? Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the face of God. Halina keep seeking my face in purity. Do not be perplexed or surprised by anything from now on. I promise you much suffering but much joy.

Little blank page--- Sing for Joy- for (your) salvation is near.

Now sleep little one. Be at peace- all will be well.

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