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Tuesday/Wednesday 21st/22nd September 1999 1.00 p.m. Home, Huntingdon.

JESUS.... Halina, start writing.

H.... Jesus, I feel afraid and simply want to run and hide. I hate the gaps in our communication as I feel something is wrong, and I know that I have almost no time for you at the moment. I hate myself for this, yet I cannot seem to get around it. My father seems to demand full attention and there are so many other things to do.

JESUS.... Halina, I have told you to leave your father to me. You cannot do much more for him and what you do is a palliative and stops him relating to Me. Show him love and affection but do not try to carry his burden. He must submit to his finiteness before Me. He is not the author of life and death. He must accept this. Time is running out for him. Leave Him to Me. Provide for his needs but let Me deal with him

Halina, you still have no answer to the housing of the Society. Maybe you have not asked My Mother for the right information. Do you doubt that you are called to serve in the Society? Yes, you do, so She cannot answer you for it is her Society and She will not give you the help you need unless you trust Her completely and her guidance. Please think and pray about this and decide whether your heart is really committed to the Society.

N.B. Jesus is here referring to The Society of Our Lady of The Most Holy Trinity - S.O.L.T.- of which we are Associate members.

Halina, you do not wish to receive the next Rosebud....... Why? Because deep in your heart you still doubt Whose words you are writing, even though you cannot even remember on some days what you have written. I suspend your memory so that I can use your knowledge in a way that is consistent with the Will of My Father. Yet you still doubt. Oh, wretched creature! Pleas conform your will to that of My Father.

Why have you not contacted Madonna House, either of you? You have made things difficult for yourselves, both of you. This is your last chance. Please ring them.

Halina, listen well, for My plan is unfolding and My Father cannot wait much longer. In this time of Mercy He did not bring destruction to America, but He showed His Mighty Arm.( H... The threatened hurricane did not strike the whole East Coast) A time will come soon when He will not show Mercy but Justice. Can you not see the earthquakes, violence, wars, turmoil? Oh, Man, listen to My plea. Listen, before it is too late.

Halina, Please pray for Fr. Peter. He is in need of your prayer at this time.

Stop now, and I shall continue soon. I shall give you the next Rosebud, which is................Please wait for this too......

Sunday 26th. September 1999 12.30. a.m. Home Huntingdon

JESUS.... Courage- Yes, that is the next Rosebud. You have carried in you heart for days, and yet yet you have been too fearful to admit it. You have also hidden from Me, because you know that you are putting your father and indeed, anything else that's handy in the forefront so that you do not have to respond to Me. Halina, Courage is what you lack for complete surrender. Why should I speak to you if you have not the courage to respond to Me or, indeed the wisdom. The gifts have been given but you will not use them. The world is full of false courage- 'courage' to abuse, to kill, to fight, courage to make light of Holy Things, courage to deny God- Oh how brave! - 'Courage to be indecent and disrespectful of those who wish to be pure and holy, Courage to promote evil rather than good. Yes, you would run away now from all of this though you yourself went down this road at least in part but Grace pulled you back- yet are you any different if you deny Me your time and keep Me waiting- is that brave or foolish? You know the answer. Why do you do it? You would run to your beloved on wings of fire. Oh, you may hide but your ardour would increase. Yet you eschew Me. Halina, time is so short. You have work to do and you need teaching. I shall insist from you now total obedience and daily communication in My time not yours. I came tonight with a heavy heart. Know your place, Halina, who are you to keep Me waiting or to direct Me as to when I speak. Halina, I love you. Humble yourself before My Father and beg forgiveness. Halina, be meek and humble of heart. Pray more. You will not progress without this.

Now to speak to you of Courage.

When I gift someone with this gift, it is a gift of holy courage that they carry. It is the manifestation of a complete selflessness in the pursuit of Holy things. Courage does not fill the person with ruthlessness or arrogance, boldness or rudeness, aggression or temper, belligerence or spite, cynicism or sarcasm. Courage fills the spirit with great peace and stillness. The death of my Martyrs is often so extraordinary because they are at peace and appear fearless. This fearlessness is a total and unassailable trust in My Goodness, Mercy and most of all, Presence. How can you /they fear when I am with you- there in Person. Do you remember the rebuke to Peter- " Oh Men of little faith" - when they were tempest-tossed in the boat? I calm every storm every toss of the wave. I hold all things in My power. We will never desert you in hail or high water. Courage is the complete trust in My ability to do all things and bring all things to good. If you knew that at every turn only good awaits you, would you be afraid? No, you would not. But only good does await you! In all trials and tribulations I am your Overseer, as is My mother. No evil will harm you or afflict you. I will not let you be hurt. Any purification is for your own good and not for evil. How can I give you evil things? As it is written, if your earthly fathers give you good things, how much more is this true of Our Heavenly Father? But even if your earthly fathers fail you I will never fail you. My father and I are One, and you will not be left adrift. His Holy Eye is upon you at all times.

Courage is an appreciation of the Heart of God, which is so full of love that It carries you onwards so that you can always shelter in It and be safe and at home no matter what the circumstances. If you are courageous, your heart will be in the Heart of God and so unwilling to leave and indeed, it would be impossible to tear yourself away, that external fears would not persuade you to leave this safe haven. I am the Safe Haven. I am the Harbour. I am the Centre of all Good. I will always protect you. That is why My Heart is Sacred. It is the inner sanctum, Sanctuary of The Heart of God. pass through My Heart into Eternity. It takes courage to enter, but what need is there for courage when Perfection Calls? The only thing required of the soul is TRUST, Determination, Forbearance and Endurance (Fortitude). Courage comes when all these have been practiced and the soul drives itself into MY Heart which is full of courage. Halina, I practiced Courage by the Via Dolorosa. I wished to please and be with My Father at all times, so I endured the worst excesses of human hatred and belittlement. I was the Father's Sacrificial Lamb, so that you could enter into My heart more easily and speedily.

How can you lack courage? Will you ever have to endure what I had to endure? Why do you worry about the future and your call. Just take courage. Let your heart become one with My Heart. Take heart. To have courage is to be heartful, to encourage is to give someone heart. To be courageous is to be filled with courage. You admire bravery, Halina, and all types. Yet courage is so much more blessed. Bravery requires feats and actions or at least some kind of endurance. Real Courage requires acts of submission to MY Heart, so that fear does not dominate or the desire to overcome be the motive for action.

A child putting its hand into it's mothers is an act of courage, for it says I trust you, my mother. If you trust Me, Halina, and trust My Mother, put your hand into ours and blindly go when/ where we take you. Remember your vision of walking on the water with MY Mother to an unknown house. How easy it was once you stopped trying and simply followed Her, hand in hand. Halina ,do this all the time.

My words to you were severe. I know that your heart is full of tears at this time and more so for the reproach, but I need to have you close to Me - AT ALL TIMES -. Time is not your commodity. Halina, I wish to give you eternal and priceless Gifts. Do not refuse them, please, for the sake of your soul and for others also.

Father Peter will help you on his return. You will find that he will be of even greater help to you so listen to every word he utters, for I speak through him to you. Listen and take note and do all he tells you without a moment's hesitation, no matter what he says to you. I will inspire him to lead you as I will.

Michael will move quickly into priesthood and you must support him in every endeavour.

As for the house, I asked you to listen to My Mother. You lack courage( trust) to really ask Her, and so you do not hear Her reply even if She gives it in spite of yourself. Halina, be still and contrite. Ask and you shall be given a reply. There are none so deaf as those who do not hear.

Watch the phases of the moon. Soon the world will be in darkness and no light will fall on the earth. You cannot know the terror that awaits. But you must be a brave hear, a truly courageous heart. Trust Me at all times. Repeat often, " Jesus I trust in You". You will gain courage, as did Saint Faustyna.

Saint Faustyna.... (She now speaks to me in Polish of which this is a translation).

Halinko (diminutive of my name)- Do not be fearful. I was afraid as well but I conquered my self because that was the will of our Dear God, as He wanted to use me for His purposes- You too must fulfil His, Our Lords purposes. So do not be afraid or apprehensive. Why should you be afraid?

Our Dearest God is watching over you. He will give you all the help you need. Listen to what He tell you and do as He asks.

Do not waste time. Time is short, the time of Gods power is approaching.

If you knew what awaits the world you would run into the arms of our Dear Lord- for there there is safety - Yes my dear. Run to the Heart of Pan (Sir) Jesus and hide therein. Good night.

H....Dobranoc (good night)- I would like to meet you- maybe one day in Heaven??....but!

JESUS....(Jesus now also speaks to me in Polish but also provides the translation)

Run, Halina , to My Heart and stay there. RUN - run- run , do not tarry

Now go and make the chocolate for yourself and your beloved Michael.

Good night. I bless you.

After a pause....

JESUS.... Remember what I told you - Prompt Daily Obedience to My call and requests.

Read the Message over to yourself and Michael.

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