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Tuesday 28th September 1999 10.15. a.m. St. Michaels Church Huntingdon After Mass.

JESUS.... Halina, Thank you for responding to Me. You see I gave you your answer through Michael, Rosary first then listen to Me- in spite of My calling you during Mass.

Halina always be eager for My words but be guided by those whose job it is to temper you and guide you even if they are unaware of this. Obedience is learnt and though it is blind it is always obedience to My ways which are not always perceptible to Man -.

Today I shall give you the Seventh Rosebud. Again you already know what it is. It is CHASTITY. I have tilled the soil of your heart to receive this for it is so important in these times yet no one wishes to hear the word let alone practice the virtue. Tell Michael to ponder this today and then listen to what I give you to reflect on.

Halina there are many priests dying today who have not practiced this virtue. Offer to Me your day and your life for their sakes. If you can prevent but one dying in grave sin how great will be your reward. Yes - you need none says your heart but to those who have much even more shall be given and to those who have little even more shall be taken away.

Halina go now for breakfast or I will have a wilting flower. (Jesus smiles)

Tuesday/ Wednesday Early hours of Wednesday 5.20. a.m. Home.

Halina, Please listen carefully. I have chosen this hour for you have a busy day ahead and earlier this day your desire for sleep overcame you. Can you hear the first call of the song bird - so you must respond to My call with gladness and joy in your heart. Your father must submit himself. Leave him to Me. He has no joy - You must be full of Joy.

Halina to be chaste, to practice chastity requires a great overcoming of self and a desire to be free of earthly attachment. The body yearns for the satisfaction of all its needs. A man who is thirsty craves water, a hungry man his fill of food, a tired man sleeps and so on. So too the body wishes to satisfy its need for touch and warmth and pleasure. Yet is spite of everything that the world now teaches, though even the world acknowledges the greater needs of survival (thirst) a man can for the Kingdom surrender all his needs. You know how many of My Saints survive on no food, or even water for years, so have they overcome by grace and love their carnal natures. So too can they overcome their carnal selves and forsake the need for satisfaction of all bodily urges and pleasures. You Halina are married. You are Married to Me and to your Husband. The fulfilment of your marriage requires of you to submit to your husband and if I will this to conceive a child. This is a beautiful and wonderful gift pure and sacred and undefiled. It is not a second level of commitment to Me but a primary one. I made Man and Women I chose them to be one flesh, to love one another and with Me to help them attain Heaven. Many Holy People have come to My Father Co-joined in this way and reached perfection in this way.

But it is My gift to some that they know not this co-joining for I call them to remain solely married to Me so that I can satisfy all their needs and grace them with a closeness to My Heart beyond compare. Chastity requires surrender to My arms only. It is a rose of incredible beauty because its colour and its smell is co-joined with the radiance of the Trinity. You bought a little white rose today put there for My purpose. You put it in the spotlight of your home. So I chose special souls to be in the spotlight of this earth and to be signs of the Chastity of God. Man cannot be chaste without being one with Me as part of the Father and Spirit. True Chastity is not merely the renunciation of all carnal pleasures. Nor is it the renunciation of Marriage either sacrificially or out of a poor understanding of its own purpose or beauty, but a special co-joining of the heart and spirit with the Trinity of Persons One God.

Halina your mind is pondering these words. STOP. Listen to Me. The depth of this teaching is hidden from you at this moment for I wish to teach you the secrets of union and surrender. All creatures are called to be united with*Us' in the Trinity. It is our choice and gift as to the instruments or paths that they must follow to attain this union. Each is specially chosen for the person, a special call to come higher. Yet all people are called to chastity. Many take vows of chastity. Some never truly understand them. Chastity is not celibacy or simply 'not entering' into the sacrament of marriage, it is a choice to give me the whole of oneself as a return for being Created and Loved.

I love all My creatures equally. I know their stengths and weaknesses. I choose a path that is suitable for each that will perfect them in holiness. I do not make mistakes.

As there are many forms of marriage so too are there many forms of chastity. A truly chaste person can remain so in either a state of matrimony or singleness. Those who are chaste live in such closeness to My body that they do not defile their senses and serve me in all ways at all times and circumstances. It is not merely the absence of carnal pleasure or sexuality that makes a person chaste but complete surrender of themselves to their Creator - body and soul. Do you think man that I could make so perfect a creature - Man and Woman and then forbid it to multiply or consider this base and defiled. I made man in Love, Father, Son and Spirit outpoured our Love in Creation. This Love continues to be outpoured as a sign of Perfection. Our Love is a truly Chaste Love. It is radiant and Selfless. It sparkles with every virtue and nobility of purpose. So you too Mankind have been made to mirror image this Love. If you surrender all your faculties to the will of the Father you transform your mortal frame into perfect Love and you become co-joined to the Trinity.

True chastity requires this co-joining to the heart of the Trinity. I have called many to this life. Many today spurn this call. I have called many to live chastely in all estates of life but they defile themselves by abusing their bodies in unions which are not blessed as they have not love at the core nor the desire to serve and submit or make a total commitment of their bodies to the Trinity.

Pure Love requires perfect sacrifice. Purity and chastity are related very closely but not identical. Purity relates to the upper regions of the spirit and the conformity of the heart, mind and will to the Father's, while chastity surrenders and renders the body to the Father's will. It is marked by abstinence from a desire to please its own nature but marked by a desire to use the body to serve its Creator. In the procreative act the explosion of generosity of the Father gave birth to Man. The love of Man for the Father requires that he serves God with abundant love in all the functions and facets of his body. If Mans desire is to please himself and not God he sins. He abuses this gift of Love and puts his own body before the ownership of that body by the Father. He chooses to say - 'this is mine, I can do what I like with it'. He uses his free will to reject God and not serve Him and so breaks the bond of Love that exists by virtue of being created. A man who does this does not love God but himself. He dishonours God and tries to bestow honour on himself as superior. This cannot be and so he lives in darkness.

I have called all My Lambs to be chaste - To be victims for Love. If I grace you with Holy and Sacred Partnership of Marriage, remain truthful to one another. You are not two persons and in the oneness of your relationship with Me you remain chaste If I call you to be single then I call you to remain always at one with Me operating with the upper part of the spirit.

Halina you are perplexed as you write and this teaching is both hard to understand and grasp. And you will never entirely grasp it. Do not worry. No one can understand the mind of God. He makes no distinctions between people in LOVE. He loves all equally and chooses the weak and makes them strong. God is paradox to Man. Chastity is utter Love of the Father for Creation - All living creatures all that lives and moves so that it can sing with one voice HOLY, HOLY ,HOLY is the Lord God of Hosts. He does not make in order to punish or condemn or reject His own creatures in the way he made them but to allow them to come ever closer to Himself.

Chastity requires Man to serve only its Master and Creator. It requires undefilement of faculties made to serve and love.

Man is made virginal and undefiled. If this is forcibly stolen from Man does he become defiled? NO he does not for his heart is still chaste. If a Man is raped but stays close to Me he remains pure and unsoiled. Woe to those who would rape My Lambs by force. Woe to those who try to steal their chastity. Woe to those who invade and steal the heart of Man turning it against God. Those who plunder and steal the virtues, those who plant falsehood and mistrust and false needs and aspirations. Woe to those who injure the chaste Man. They will be sent to everlasting fire. unless they repent and beg for forgiveness.

Halina go to bed for a short while now.

Thank you for writing these words down.

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