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Friday 1st. October 1999 6.05. a.m. Home Huntingdon.

Introduction to the Eighth Rosebud.

JESUS.... Halina, It is the feast day of My heart and the feast of the flowers of MY Heart, My Little Flower, the one I called so early to the Heavenly Kingdom. Please be careful Halina to observe the feasts of all My saints as they are the beacons of light which guide your path and help you attain holiness. You were right to ask deeper questions about the explosions in Japan fo the consequences will be deep in the earth and soon Man will know the Fathers displeasure. We are deeply grieved at Mans refusal to lift up his eyes to the Creator and give thanks and render due reverence for the wonderful things of nature, the heavens and everything on earth.

Creation is now groaning. Man acts as if he was God and the author of all things but he is not and soon he will know his error and it will be too late.

Little one, all about you is pain and sickness. All about is suffering. But much of this is self imposed and as a result of sin and not that which My Father would choose for Mankind.

You have not asked MY Mothers guidance about the house yet once again you are being shown. Do not chase after rainbows for they are right before you. Halina speak to My Mother about this urgently please. Humble yourself and repeat often ' Thy Will be done Father ' and do not choose your own path.

Halina pray more at this time. Lift up your heart to Me in every action and thought. Fight the evil one who wishes to depress you. Do not wander from the path of holiness which I have set and chosen for you.

I love you.

You wish to know the next Rosebud. Pick up the book that is next to you and look at the page that opens for you You opened on a page which reveals to you your interior struggle which I am permitting at this time, this war is intense as I purge your spirit and refine the properties of soul which are still hidden from view. Please copy out the top part of the page.

" The virtues and properties of God extremely perfect war against the habits and properties of the soul extremely imperfect and the soul suffers these two contraries within itself. ( P.588 - Collected Works of St. John of the Cross.)

The word I gave you was Freedom yet you were puzzled and confused. But I lead in strage ways and you must be obedient to Me and listen to MY dictates. I said Freedom. Please be prepared to receive My instruction on Freedom. This is a Rosebud of the incredible Love of the Father for All Mankind.

Only a Perfect being can bestow true Freedom to its Subject. Freedom enables the soul to fly to its Maker, Creator, without fear and without hindrance - " If the Spirit makes you free, then you shall be free indeed".

Halina, Halina, surrender that mind of yours - do not wander off however tired you are. I am your strength and you will be sustained.

The next Rosebud is Freedom. Be prepared for some (nice) surprises, Halina. Try not to reflect on this for as you know your thought are poor and they will cloud your view. Instead think of My Passion today. Think and Pray.



Tuesday 5th. of October 1999 4.p.m. Home Huntingdon.

JESUS....I have been waiting for you to respond to Me Halina. Do you not yet understand that I must have prompt obedience. I have given you this time and I see that you responded although look how nearly you got sidetracked. There is only one track, ..... Mine. The torture you are experiencing with your father will pass. Please leave him to me. How many times must I tell you - you cannot change his heart and Satan uses this to undermine both of you. I have told Michael to rest. He must do so for he too is exhausted physically and emotionally. Now he is resting I can speak to you and not at night. My little one, Did you enjoy MY Mothers message. Mark it well and do as She says in all things. Do not weep all will be well. My cornerstones are nearly in place, the place that has been chosen. Continue to pray and fast. Put all your trust in Me at all times. Curb your tongue with your father for it is pointless and you will loose your inner peace. Do not let him goad you for he knows your weakness. He will fight you for you stand for much that he hates and refuses to acknowledge. Learn not only patience but great self control, no matter what he says. Soon he will be pleading with Me for his life and I will give him one last chance to save his soul. MY Mother pleads with Me and you too Halina. Your cry has been heard, but you will not win him over. Only Heaven can turn his heart now. hate is incompatible with love. A man who hates cannot love. his love is eaten up and he pours venom from his heart. You defend but he attacks. Stop Halina. I am your defence. You wish you could get through. Not even tour good actions will persuade him . Stay on the Cross with Me - Please stay. I will not permit him to destroy you. You will see what i will do soon. Pray for him.

Now, Halina, to continue My teaching on FREEDOM. (8th Rosebud.).

You see how many times I have in the past days brought this to your explicit attention. The words jumped out at you from the old hymn ' you fell in love with' and taught others ( Far and Away..) See how I reminded you of this. Write out the last verse and the end of Our conversation. You also saw it in the writings of Mary of Agreda, John of the Cross - not by accident, by design.

Freedom allows the spirit to be totally immersed in God and do as He would bid. If you live in God and He lives in you, you will be free indeed. How could it be otherwise? The Divine Spirit moves your heart and mind. You are open to all the actions of His Power. You work under His Inspiration. If a man binds himself to something that is improper, then that binding prevents him from operating outside of it .His book of life is incorrectly bound and encloses error, deceit and all manner of self deception and impurity. But if a man is bound by Heaven then his life is bound to reflect the purest of virtues and qualities.

I gave Man freedom to chose right from wrong. I do not coerce anyone. I gift all with this freedom. Man can go to his perdition or to his eternal salvation. he is free to make his choice. That choice is with him to the end of his days, to his very last breath. The Thief on the Cross knew salvation and paradise even though his life was not blameless. Many have entered Heaven this way. Remember the teaching on the Labourers in the Vineyard. Freedom is inherent in Creation. But the freedom I choose as a Rosebud is of greater magnitude than even this freedom.

Look, Halina - Listen carefully. There was once a man who loved Me. His love consumed his being and as all men are he was created to attain perfection and enter heavenly bliss for all eternity. he lived a holy and blameless life. He chose to do good rather than evil. The more he strove to do only the will of My Heavenly Father the more perfect became his choice. The malignancy of evil fell from him and step by step he learnt to see with the eyes of faith and trust. Like a child he did nothing that was not inspired by the Trinity. He became bound, united with Us. he could not dissociate himself from Us because the fire of love consumed him completely. He turned his back on the Devil, the World and the Flesh. He was chained to the Trinity and, by the chains of pure intention he performed acts of great merit. In the eyes of the Trinity he was blessed. His freedom in the eyes of the world was curtailed and he died to all that would take him from Us. He lost his 'human' freedom as he forsook evil and chose good but he gained Spiritual Freedom. He could only chose good. If you were given the chance to do only the best things for people even in earthly terms, health, comfort, food, security, happiness and could do nothing else would you see the lose of your right to harm them- as loss? Of course you would not, you would consider yourself blessed. So I tell you those who chose to do only those things that Heaven asks and considers good as Richly Blessed. They forsake all that impedes their progress to Paradise. In that journey they gain freedom, freedom to chose the better part* and not sway from it. This freedom liberates them from the mundane care into a realm of sublime Wisdom and Glory. They become immensely free and uninhibited in the ways of the Spirit. Their choices so united with the Holy Spirit - The Will of the Father and My desire to Please the Father that thus they are like birds ascending soaring high and like insects attracted to the Light. It is hard to grasp that perfect freedom lies in perfect submission. Perfect choices are made by those who are alive in the Spirit and dead to themselves.

To be Spiritually Free is to be dead to all that would pull you away from the path of Glory. You will find it hard to understand this perfect freedom for decisions are problematic for those who still have to be purified. Once you become free in the Spirit you gain the knowledge and assurance and complete confidence that you are being totally led and will not be misled. is it so mush to ask, too much to ask that you forsake the inadequacies of self made choice, fallible and human, for the for the perfect choices made for you in Heaven. To be free, to have the gift of true freedom is to be guaranteed total guidance and freedom from error that comes from self determination. if you lead yourself how can you be free. You are bound by your own human error and mortality and limited vision. To be truly free you have to have the only Perfect Vision and that is to be guided by the Father Son and Spirit. You will then be free of all external encumbrances and your path will be clear. The Angels of My father are such. They can only do MY fathers Will. Are they not free?

To be free to do Perfect things- -Oh what joy fills them! Would you not like this freedom? Would you not rejoice?

Mankind, Mankind, Mankind - Why do you reject this freedom from all your earthly desires and call them 'free'. They are trapped, bound, imperfect, limited and not the purpose for which you were created. Soar above these mere trifles and passions. Lift yourselves up to God. Do not be earth bound but Heaven bound. How can you chooses to bind yourselves to the imperfect. What folly and stupidity. God is supreme. He is Perfection - yet you chose imperfection ( Jesus put great emphasis on the word chose) Chose Freedom of the Trinity and live in Holiness and Freedom all your days rejecting evil and performing only the liberating acts of Love.

Halina stop. You cannot contain more at this moment.

Stop and rest.

Prepare for your journey with prayer. Do not be anxious about your father. Go in peace. rest tonight so that your ears are open and you will hear my words. Very important words.

Enjoy your day tomorrow. Rest - Holy Rest for that is where true freedom exhibits itself.

Rest in Me for I am Meek and Humble of Heart.

I love you - The angels guard you. The Saints will sustain you with their prayers.

I will not speak to you now till after your meeting. Listen well to him who has charge of your souls. (Spiritual Director Fr. Peter.)

Adieu Little Cactus. Little Lamb.


HYMN: Verse four - Out and away the mountains are calling. John Glynn (copied out as requested)

Free as the day my spirit is flying.

Eagles have wings, but none strong as these!

Where have I found it, this life newly grown?

Gently my heart says it's not of your own:

deeper beyond me the Spirit has blown -

He is Love.

* Today reading at Mass 'Martha and Mary


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