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Tuesday/ Wednesday 2/3rd November 1999 3.30. a.m. Home Huntingdon.

I was woken at 2.45. a.m. and felt that I should say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.( The Lords kindness to me for I had not said it though I remembered Him at three p.m.) I was reflecting on how kind He is to us, the night nurse due on Monday came tonight so we could have some sleep/ rest before tomorrow and we managed to find a carer for my father at first attempted so enabling us to see Fr. Peter. Further, Michaels call to Fr. Shaffiq was returned indicating( to me at ant rate ) the Lords call.
The word Holiness was given at the very end of the last message and repeated the following day at Mass. Once again it seem to jump out at me the past days. I felt Jesus calling me during the day and early evening but busied myself - not idly but nevertheless 'hiding'.
Why Lord do I do this?
Jesus, Mary my Mother help me - please. Come to my assistance.

JESUS.... Halina, write down the following words - .
Holyness is born out of suffering - There are many pitfalls in the journey to Holyness and many traps that the 'evil one' uses to ensnare the soul away from becoming holy. At Baptism the soul is anointed and washed clean of all sin and it is at that moment Holy. You recall how Michael glowed after his Baptism. At that moment he was Holy. Nothing interrupted the flow of Grace, the Holy Spirit hovered over him and the Father held him. It is so at the Baptism of every soul as 'Jesus' showed. I Jesus was at one with MY Father and the Spirit. True Holyness requires this surrender to the Trinity. A person who is truly Holy will always be alive to the Trinity of Three persons,- One God.
Halina please stop for a few minutes and ask the Holy Spirit of God to assist you for you are blocking My words. You have not done this for a long time and I know that you are tired but you also know that I move freely when you permit Me.

H....( Holy Spirit - God of Purity of Intention assist me - enlighten me so that I may hear your words through Jesus the Son of the Father, Holy Spirit guide me.)

JESUS.... All souls are called to be Holy - without exception. You are not called to second tier lives - not quite Perfect - I did not say- "nearly perfect".'(Scriptural reference )
People, My people often confuse the two and reject both yet they use and enter into Holy things without thinking , The Lord Your God is Holy - Where He is is Holy- - the Sacraments are Holy - the Rosaries, Crosses you use, the Water that's Blessed is Holy.
So you use these things yet you fear Holyness. If you have no fear of these things - why do you fear Holyness. It is because you fear and reject their true purpose, to render you Holy and Perfect
Why do you enter into my temple if you fear the Holyness of God?
Mankind you have desecrated all that is Holy and now you desecrate yourselves. You render yourselves un sacred - not capable of Holyness and de-grade yourselves from the purpose for which you were made. I made you to be Holy and gave you the means by which you can stay close to me. I surround you with Holy things for where the Hand of the Lord has been, has touched, remains Holy. If you have any 'object' blessed it becomes touched by Me and the Holy Spirit guards the object so that it becomes a means of Holyness for you. MY PEOPLE I give you MYSELF - I touch your innermost being so why do you reject Holyness. If I indwell in you are you not Holy. yet you receive Me but you reject MY Power, MY Presence and My ability to transform you into Holy Persons.
A Saint - declared so is one who has become Holy and who permits 'Us' to so indwell that they long, pine, desire nothing serve to be like us and we transform them into a Perfect Creation. They so not fight Holyness - they long for it. They know that they are prone to sin but recognise that it is only by the transforming of themselves by the action of the Holy Spirit, Grace that they can ever be Holy. Holy people long for that transformation. Man today does not long for this - but runs away for 'it' (he/ they ) see this as too costly and would prefer sin for it does not require a change to occur.
Man deludes himself as to his own nature and substitutes a kind of integrity which is not a true integrity - for this can only be integrity with the Trinity - in the place of Holyness.
Man speaks of wholeness and maturity of being self aware, of being healed, of being at peace with himself or of a state of nirvana, levels of attainment to Holy things - but all mislead him, for Man cannot of himself achieve any Holyness without submitting to the perfection of Unity. Human togetherness of spirit requires man to focus downwards and into himself as the source of change. Holyness requires man to look up to God as the source of all change. Humanism has as its end Man - Faith, Religion has as its object God and unity with Him. it requires man to relate with the Divine. How can man, so imperfect heal himself. The blind leading the blind and how dark is the blindness of today. You shake hands with each other and pass on human greetings invoking My Name. Shame on you. You should use My Name with reverence and awe. If you really appreciated My Name you would pass it on to each other on your knees for to bestow My Blessing is to enter into the Mystery of the All Holy, Hallowed be the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit - HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is THE LORD GOD of HOSTS. Holy is the Lamb that was slain. You mankind are called to Holyness through and in and by entering into the Trinity.

Only God can make you Holy and calls you to Himself so that he can make you like Himself and so - made Holy you can enter into His Kingdom. The All Holy ones live with Him in Paradise for they live in Him and with Him.
Mankind what damage you do to yourselves when you reject the Holyness of God and exalt yourselves as self sufficient. Reject this before it is too late. Humble yourselves and accept Holyness as your call. Respond to Purity and Simplicity- ways to Holyness. Reverence each as being 'not esteemed by man' but as Temples of the Holy Spirit and esteemed by God. He raises you up, He calls you to come higher into His Realm.
Do you not want Mankind to be part of the Eternal Truth, Eternal Wisdom, Eternal Life - WHY?
What can you offer each other that is better? Man cry out to the Father to help you to be Holy.
Cry out for time is short. He needs to hear hear your plea for Holyness - Call and you shall be heard. Call with all our heart!

Halina sleep now. Thank you for opening your heart in spite of your unrest. I love you, I Jesus.

H.... I love you too......


When I wrote this out I wanted to correct the spelling from 'Holyness' to the correct 'Holiness'. When I received the original I spelt it with a 'y' and in capitals. As I proceeded to copy it out I felt that this is as it should be It seems to have an emphasis and import. Holy-ness rather than Holiness....?

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