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Tuesday 16th May 2000 7.40.p.m. Clearing my fathers home London.
Feast of St. Simon Stock and the Brown Scapular.

H.... IN the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
JESUS.... Halina, well how long are you prepared not to listen and repond to My words? Is the messenger greater that the master, or as Fr. Bernard pointed out to you, is the servant greater than the master? You did not respond to Me yesterday.....(in the church).... or for many other days and times. Why do you do this? Yes, you are weak and not steadfast. I give you trials and tribulations, but you refuse guidance by not responding to Me and My call.
Halina, now you have concluded your penance you have freed yourself from the corruption of fear and sloth. I told you that any disobedience will cost you dearly you cannot serve two masters. I gave you the reading of John Ch. 10 about the voice of the Good Shepherd. read it many times do not think you understand it all, for it is very rich in meaning and it is for your times
Halina you must be more aware of the many things that are destroying the unity of My Church, My Body. Disobedience to My Call is the chief weapon that the evil one, satan, uses. I say My Call, for the wolves proclaim the false call - They wish to lure My little ones away from the path of submission and perfection. Be Holy, My People, as I am Holy. I submitted even unto death. I do not wish to lose even one sheep - but you must all come into the Fold and not try to escape. I will call all My sheep loudly and they will not be able to mistake My voice.

My Church is being rocked. Yes, I chose My words, Halina. It is foundering, for the Rock of Peter is being shaken - It sways from side to side and is not standing firm. How can It stand firm when It sways. Be careful of what is presented to you as truth. Do not explore but search for the entire Truth. The evil forces of Masonry and Devil- Worship, Apostasy, Heresy, and Sacrilege pervade My Church. My People, how can you do this to My Body? Did I not suffer enough for you and continue to do so? Even you, Halina, succumb to doubt, which you try to resist but it rocks you too. Do not sway. Stand firm, little Cactus.

Fr. Peter gave you so much instruction and sound judgement. He is guiding both of you. Do as he says.

It is now urgent that you find a home, a permanent base. Others will soon need this place of refuge and prayer.

Halina, seek more advice while it is still to be had - do not hold back. Purify your spirit more and more. Examine your conscience daily and assiduously. If necessary, confess your sins as they occur. Do not be bound by a weekly regime. Follow your inspiration and conscience. Become a peace-maker and reconciler.

You have suffered much over the question of the validity of My Presence in the Mass and in the Eucharist. This will intensify. Try to seek out those who have been gifted with Priesthood and do not hide from It or in It. But also support those who waver and need encouragement. There are many who will be lost unless you submit them to the Fathers mercy. My Little Lamb, follow your own insight, for I have already told you you will know those who have been chosen and gifted with the Charism of Priesthood. Do not attend a Mass if you have any doubt about the validity or sincerity of the Priest or the manner of celebration. How can a man consecrate the Body, My Body, and give It to My Father if he does not believe that he can do it, or that I am present, or that he has the authority, or that I am with him? Can you give love with hate in your heart? No, you poison the gift and the receiver is impoverished and the giver condemn himself. Halina, you hate hypocrisy
yet you too compromise. I have said I will guide and protect you, but you must be very careful not to allow your own feelings to modify the truth. Feeling and inspiration are not always related. I speak through your 'feelings' sometimes, but other times in spite of them and override them. Pray for more discernment and submit ever the more deeply.
I have sought to instruct you but you shut off from Me because it is too painful. Do not do this for without Me you can do nothing. Little One, I beg you to answer My call. See, you are free to decline, but where does it get you? It leads you to confusion and doubt.

I wished to give you the final Rosebud on CARITAS, 'CHARITY' AND TOLERANCE, but you were not listening. I speak to you in visions and dreams again, but you do not always write them down. I wanted to tell you more of the significance of your picture (Michaels gift, yours to him - The Angel picture), but you cover your ears. ST. Faustyna also does want to tell you something of the extension of Divine Mercy and look how hard We had to lead you to see the significance of the snow flakes you saw and the picture of My Mother as Our Lady Of Snow - The snow flakes you saw in your vision last year were the showering of Mercy and Grace as you are all being held hostage to the wiles of satan, who prevents My little lambs from freely seeking Me in your churches. I have told you many times in the last year, to seek Me in the Eucharist while you still can find Me. The evil one wishes to take away My Body, for he knows that without This you will be weak but you must grow strong. Feed on Me while you still can, so that when I am not permitted to feed you, you will survive by My Word, by Grace, and by staying under My Mothers Mantle. Those I have chosen will also be fed in many ways and will be the Source of Eucharist to others. But, little one, you must be stronger. You must pray more and more. Do not stop I must give you the Rosebud, the final Rosebud, soon for time is running short and soon all will be in darkness. Halina, pray for your children but do not despair or worry. I will guard them. My Mother has promised you that they would be safe.

Halina, you have nearly found your house. In the mystery of finding you will find peace. Keep on the road you have chosen and do as I bid. I will not let you waste time on idle searches. You are nearly home. Pray at all times that you will not be misled for you waste time this way. I have guided you more strongly in the past weeks. Look how I prevent you from seeking after that which is unsuitable or inappropriate. Halina call to Me for help. My Mother is by your side and will not desert you. Again I say to you it is Her house.
Halina now stop and make food I will feed your spirit later. Keep listening to me AT ALL TIMES.
I love you My disobedient Cactus Flower. Stubborn but loving.

There were many communications between the various elements that comprise this Rosebuds. Sometimes they contained no specific reference to Tolerance and Charity though most would be an insight into what I was being taught. Below are the main teachings and where appropriate notes of explanation. There were in fact only three days between the last specific teaching and the next but two locutions including one in 'a department store' having a cup of tea. The Lord calls wherever He chooses. Indeed before the very last locution of the Rosebuds and the preceding one is the longest gap of all of them with many teaching in between.

Monday 22nd. May 2000 2.30.p.m. En Route to London in a car in Huntingdon awaiting Michael's return from the Post Office.

JESUS.... Halina - Why so despondent sweet one - you know that there is a house ready for you - Michael must let Me lead and listen to My voice and not to external verification. You will know when I speak through others for you know My voice but Michael must learn to listen to Me in his heart not his head. Please tell him to be patient but to listen more carefully to Me his sole Master.
Now go to London and do as Frs. Nicholas and Peter suggest. Speak to your friends and get the feel of what is needed.

I wish to speak to you of TOLERANCE ,your tolerance ( My addition: of Holy things) and then I will give you the final element to the teaching as part of the Rosebuds.
Tolerance- to tolerate something is to put up with it. It does not mean that you have to agree or not agree with it but today it has the meaning of simply accepting it benignly what ever it is, right or wrong, just or unjust which is a false perception of what tolerance really is. True tolerance can be a culmination of many virtues which exemplifies love, Caritas, Charity. But it does not lead to the acceptance of evil or sin. It does not lead you to a benign indifference, a kind of live and let live mentality or a laissez- faire attitude. It is perhaps the most misunderstood of all virtues, yet so utterly vital. I shall give you so many examples of Holy Tolerance which is a fruit of love and leading to perfect Charity. A mother knows how to practice this, for she has to accept her children's inability to do many things. She accepts their limitations and know that they have to learn how to feed themselves, cloth (themselves), distinguish right from wrong, and when to speak. that does not mean she lets them do what they like. She guides, waits patiently for a passage of time, shows them things, all with great love, which becomes so habitual that she herself is not aware of what she is doing. My Father does the same - but not all the little sheep wish to learn.
He shows great tolerance to His Creation, yet Creation has no 'tolerance' of His Almighty Power. They cannot tolerate His benignity, for they wish to control all things and do not wish to submit.
So too, a child who refuses his/her mothers guidance and love puts itself above its mothers love and understanding. So the mother then must chide to correct the child. So too My Father corrects in order to bring the child back to the path of perfection. Yet He tolerates the error while the child is in ignorance. Correction is required where there is foreknowledge and refusal to obey.

Halina, stop and say the Chaplet. I will give you many examples of Perfect Tolerance.

This Teaching Rosebud continued that evening
Monday 22nd. May 2000 11.p.m. La Salette Church London. After Adoration.

Jesus asked me to take up my pen and write, but I delayed while everyone was around. But I could not delay any longer, so I went to the side chapel dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette.

JESUS.... Halina, may I repeat to you - you as a mother carried life, a child within you - the priest, My holy priests, carry the Bread of Life, My Body, the Most Sacred and Perfect Spotless Victim who the Father gave to mankind. Halina, you were awed as Fr. B..... carried the Host, My Body, in the Sacred Vessel. Yes, he carried Me as you carried your child, within you and outside you. Halina, you feel safe next to My Mother. Stay beside Her. She carried Me both within and without like you, but She also carried My Body, as the Man- God. That is why She is the Mother of every priest and every priest is Her beloved son. She displays perfect Tolerance, both as Mother but now as Mother of every true priest. She will lead them, guide them, console them, teach them and correct them. She is the Perfect Model of Tolerance for She cannot in any way be associated with evil or anything that discredits Me, Her Son. Yet She looks with such love on those who continue to strive for perfection. She watches them grow in holiness and She intercedes for them to the Father, begging, pleading for more time, and asks as only a mother can that they be spared. On those who follow Her lead, She showers so many graces. If only My shepherds realise how much She works for them and how bathed in Her bounty they are, they would love Her so very much, for they would see Her radiant generosity and beauty.

Halina, Tolerance - Please pray that you acquire more of this virtue not only as a mother, which you had, but as a mother of those who depend on you, for you will have to have great love. Remember, Little Cactus, that you get impatient and frustrated when others stray from the path or seem to go too slowly or reject grace - but, Halina , you have been graced in order to show a light to them, not because of any merits of yours so you must not condemn them but guide them. You have no right to be impatient, for it is by grace that you have anything. Please reflect on this. Fr. Nicholas has often said this to you - and yes, he does find any revelation difficult, but he too is being used and he does want to grow. Be patient, tender and loving. Please, Halina, be very careful when you show displeasure for you may do more harm than good. Halina, speak My Word - Condemn falsehood, but where you affect someone's heart and soul please be most tender and slow to evaluate.
I will show you when you must chide, and only then must you do so - never because of you own feelings. Yes, use your intuition but mostly to pray for that person, unless I direct you otherwise.

Please, Halina, continue to submit to My guidance and instruction. Now, little one, please leave a space for My Mother. She will speak to you later at home. Please, Halina, be gracious and thankful.
H.... Yes Jesus.

Thursday/Friday 25th May 2000 12.50.a.m. Home Huntingdon.
On returning home via Sleaford 

At home we considered Sleaford as an option for our home base, since it is more southerly and accessible. We also found good properties there, perhaps the most suitable yet.
Jesus then prompts me. 
JESUS.... My Mother wishes to speak to you. 
MARY.... Halina, give God the Glory. Yes, Halina, Fr. Nicholas words, chosen carefully from St. Ignatius' instructions prompted you to reflect more on the words of the psalm which you heard recently: " Not to us, not to us, Lord, but to You be the Glory" - also that Reverence is to be given to the Holy Name and the Glory to be given to It.
Dearest Halina, everything I did in My House, My Home, had to be done in a way that reflected the Glory of God, and we had to do the Will of His Father at all times. My homes on earth must also be homes where Jesus can indwell and so are the homes which are submitted to the Fathers Will. They are spiritual temples, like the Tabernacles (tents). Your souls are temples of the Holy Spirit but your homes must also be Holy Places. The home/house I have chosen for you must be first and foremost a Holy Place set apart where the Spirit can indwell and where My Son can sit at table like at Emmaus and can speak to men's heart through the servants of the house. You must cultivate and water the house well with LOVE and TOLERANCE, so that all can grow in holiness - ' My House' chosen for you belongs not to you, but to the Father. You must give Him and My Son all the Glory for what happens in the house. You must claim nothing for and 'of'' yourself, for you can do nothing without His Guidance.

Yes, Halina, I did lead you to Sleaford as you begged so earnestly -a little short cut to save you time. Now you have a choice of places, as Fr. Peter suggests, of two. Sort out the priorities of the house and the choices will become even clearer.

Halina, pray more about your Eucharistic Apostolate. Fr. Nicholas is urging you forward. Listen carefully. Please speak to Fr. Peter, for you will have too much to relate to him and you need his sound guidance.

Halina, please use the Sacrament of Confession more than 'the once a week'. When you recall or become aware of a fault or sin, write it down and pray about it. Please try to relax more with your Confessor.

Little Lamb, the time of the great tribulation is almost upon you. Soon it will be too late to change much. Halina, Seek My Motherly heart and stay enclosed within. 
Your eyes are closing, Halina. Stop now and I will speak to you soon. 
Tell Michael to think about the word "Hail" (Hail Mary).
I love you both.

Monday 29th May 2000 ( Approx.9p.m.) During Adoration. Church of La Salette London.

H....Jesus, again in La Salette?
JESUS.... Yes, again Halina, for here you can truly adore Me and I can teach you the Mystery of Love. I love you, All My Fathers Creation. I have been given to you, Mankind, so that you can be spared Death and enter into New Life, Life Eternal in Me. I am the Vine, you are the Branches - if you remain in Me, I will give you Eternal Life. Halina, please permit Me to enter into your heart, your being, ever the more deeply. Do not resist Me or close even an inch of your heart.

The pain you feel about your daughter will be for her good, her salvation. I will not let you endure more than you can stand. As for Michael, I must wash him cleaner than the Driven Snow. I will wash him clean - do not fear. He is called to My service and he must recognise all his weaknesses and surrender them to Me. He cannot resist temptation unless he is driven by My Power and My Inspiration. Help him, Halina, by your prayer and gentility, not anger. Reprove - yes, reprove but not reproach him.

Halina, I asked you to speak to Fr. Peter. You haven't yet done so. Please do so urgently for you need his guidance now. Please contact him immediately. 

CARITAS, Halina - Love - No greater love has a man than to lay down his life for his friend. Are you My friend? Can you lay down your life for Me totally?
Halina, Halina, Halina, I call you, I plead with you - surrender all of you please. Let Fr. B..... offer you to the Father. I hear his prayer. He is My gentle shepherd. My little pastor! - Listen to Me through him. See how much help I have given to you. See how blessed you have been. More gratitude, Halina. Weep for yourself and your stubbornness. Weep and wail but remember I, We love you, little Cactus. I know your faults. Keep trying to perfect yourself as I lead you closer to Me. Your home will be Blessed as it is My Mothers and Ours. The vine will bear much fruit, for I will indwell in it. You will have a priest. Trust Me please - Please trust Me - do not waver - listen to My voice as I lead and guide you.

Now return to your seat. Thank you little Cactus.

N.B. In the next personal teaching Jesus on the 12th June 2000, chides me for my lack of total surrender to him .He also tells me that our future home will be protected from the wiles of satan. But once again He says :
" Dearest Halina, Please spare me more time so that I can teach you about Love and Mercy, Tolerance and Compassion."

Wednesday 21st of June 2000 1.15.a.m. Home Huntingdon.

JESUS.... Yes I let you have a short sleep so that you could respond to me prayerfully. You are praying the Rosebuds for Fr. Peter and your requests will be granted but think very carefully what you are asking for as you requests will be granted in accordance to and with your requests. You must always be attentive to your intentions in prayer, for the intentions of your heart are heeded by Heaven. If you pray with little hope, so Heaven will not grant what you consider hopeless. If you pray with great faith, so your prayer will be granted however 'hopeless' the intention appears to be. Be careful how you pray / intercede as your prayers carry with them requests to Heaven which are answered. Mankind does not consider the prayer it makes and wonders why the prayers seem to be unheard. Prayers of the heart are interpreted and carried to Heaven by many Angels. prayers of the mind stay in the domain of earth, for unspiritual things cannot be translated into spiritual, supernatural language. My Father in His Bounty allows these to be heard through Divine Mercy, but the prayer of the heart is sent speedily to the highest quarters of Heaven. Pray with your heart always, Halina.

Little apostle of the Eucharist, little servant, do you like the little chaplet for children? I let you find it. Use it well. Alter and amend it and make it versatile. (This is an old Polish Chaplet but started in Lourdes: Crucjata Eucharistyczna Dla Dieci) You wondered how you could teach children. This will be given to you, but the frame work of organisation is already available and needs you to activate it. Learn it well. See how far My children have strayed. Bring them back to Me.

Soon the Flame of Justice will enlighten every heart and much will be revealed that is hidden and blinds many, even good souls, even the Elect. Halina, stay on guard. Remember that you are the guardian of the century. Please stay on guard. Little one, love more. Do not stop loving in spite of the pain that you feel. 
Your daughter needs you even though she believes this not to be so and her time of realisation is not yet. You will not gain her respect easily, but you will not do so if you give in to her every whim.
Remember what I told you about TOLERANCE. Be tolerant of her failures as her mother, but not of her error. Be assured of the Love I have for her, and I will reveal the love you have for her one day.

Love, Halina, CARITAS, CHARITY is the centre and core of being Eucharistic. To be a Eucharist, is to be broken time and time again and yet be united to Love Itself and to be carried to others. I ask each Eucharistic Soul to become united to Me so completely that they feel My Pulse in their hearts and veins and they radiate My Love to others. You Halina, have been granted a heart capable of much love, but you must be able to let Me take it and break it at My behest. When I lifted up the Bread at the Last Supper, the Supper of Reunion with My Father before I died, I took and broke It and in so doing gave you My Broken Body and a Symbol of My Surrender to My Father. Love grieves. Love gives without reserve. Love tolerates it own demise, so that the Spirit can be exalted and transforms the mortal to a realm of glorious love as seen in those who love unto death.

Love is always gentle and always kind. Love cannot be inhibited but demands expression. Be a 
'Cara Mia' - My Love. Be Love for Me. Transform your love into a living activated whole love. Be Love itself with Me. You can only do this if you unite yourself to Me and love within and in Me. Let Me love through you, Halina.

You are struggling at this time with so many things, and you face many dilemmas and thoughts about your call to My service. I ask you - "How much do you love Me?" If you cannot answer truthfully, totally, then pray more and your prayer will be answered. Please remember that you are not alone, and that what ever I ask you to do I do it with you. You worry too much about your choice of house and home. Spend more time in quite and prayer, in surrender, and I will guide you more closely. Halina, if you wait too long it will be too late. Think and Pray.

Fr. Peter will not forget about either of you as he journeys to Graymoor. Contact Fr. W........ and Bishop M........ - Pray, pray, pray constantly. Halina , do not give in to despondency or depression. Do not let Satan bring you down with fears and doubts. Beg My Mothers help. She knows how to dispatch the serpent who would wish to destroy you and My House at this time. His attacks will be vicious the nearer you get to realising My Will for you both. Stand up, Halina , and be bold. Do not withdraw into the safe quarters of compromise and self protection. Be Bold.

Halina, stop now. I leave you My Love and My Host. Ask to be fed and you shall receive. You need My Food at this time. Soon you will go on a long unexpected journey*. Wait and see where. I leave you My Peace, little Cactus, My Blessing.

H.... Jesus, I love You - make me into Love. Help me to surrender to your purifying Love. I adore You. Thank You, Jesus, for Your words to me and Your Guidance.
2.00 .a.m.

* In October 2000 quite unexpectedly we went to Assisi Italy birth place of St. Francis.
Additional note 26.th July 2002. While mulling how to present this two in one Rosebud I came across the words of St. Vincent De Paul: "Tolerance is an important part of Charity. Without it, it is difficult for two persons to get on together. Moreover, it is the bond of all friendship and unites people in heart and action, not only with each other but in unity with Our Lord, so that they may really be at peace." ( Found in the Biography of St. Vincent by F.A.Forbes - Tan Books)

Sunday 23rd. July 2000 5.10.p.m. Home Huntingdon.

JESUS....My eyes are heavy with weeping for My beleaguered Church. Why are My Pastors deserting the Truth? Why? No, they continue to abuse My little ones with lies and half truths. Do they not realise that they will be betrayed by those very lies? Their path of impurity will become manifest to others who will leave them to their sad fate. 

Halina, I give you such strong impulses of love, yet you are still reluctant to write even though you listen to Me through others. Halina, do not do this for I need you to be totally receptive to My voice. I am instructing you through others, as your spiritual director is away. Soon he will return and will guide you further. I have also beckoned you deeper still and helped you understand the nature of submission that I require from you. I want nothing short of everything from you, Halina, and see how you still pull back. Yet you are now able to see the areas of blockage painful though they are. You must be willing to put Me first in all things, before your children even. You know that My Mother is looking after them and will lead them. Let go now of that directive. Love them and speak Truth to them, but do not use them as a shield or barrier between My call to you and your love of them.

Halina, I am also schooling you in Tolerance. it seems that the only way I could teach you is to show you. I could have explained more to you, but as you did not respond to this you have chosen the harder path for yourself. Tolerance, as you have found out, does not require consent to untruth, When you see this, you must speak out or react in a manner appropriate, otherwise you are guilt of complicity in the untruth, the lie, and 'satan is the master, father of lies.' 
Tolerance is the most refining of virtues, for it requires both acts of total love for Me and My ways and with no loss of love to those who betray Me. Yet it is also important to speak the Truth to them, so that they have a chance to correct the error of their ways. To tolerate is to pay the price of submission to the imperfection of man but the 'Perfection of Ways' which are above all things and create a exquisite suffering in those called to follow Me. How can it not be so? Did I not submit to Pilate, Herod, the abuses of the crowd? But I did not submit to their ways, but only to the Call of My Father? You must be very certain, Halina, of what True Tolerance means. It has been disfigured and destroyed by evil men who wish to bring about false ways and lies and present them as truth. You can see this in the Church and in your society. They kill and call it mercy and choice. They alter their God-given nature - Male and Female I called them - and think it clever and a freeing. 
They present bread to My Flock and call it the host and eucharist, but they have given stones, for I will not tolerate the unsubstantial re-enactment of Calvary - My Fathers anger is mounting. Do you understand, My little daughter and Cactus, what I am telling you? I, We, and My Most Blessed Mother cannot stand by evil. It is not possible. True Tolerance requires a safe-guard of truth and a renunciation of all evil.
Halina, improve your Tolerance of Good and destroy your tolerance of evil. Upbuild your love for My Little Flock - Tolerate their weakness, but only in so far as they search for the Truth. If they deny the Truth, walk away. You are not bidden to stand beside evil and untruth. Even the 'word' (Tolerance) is now hated, for man seeks to denounce words that point to wickedness and untruth. They confuse My Little Sheep. They make Blood pour down My Body from My Broken Heart. Have pity, Halina, on Your Redeemer. Can you tolerate this? Can you stand by and watch My Suffering unmoved? You have a gentility of nature that can make you be reduced to tears by even little things, yet you see My Suffering and try to stay calm. Why? Are you ashamed to be moved by My Sufferings? You are disturbed greatly by Them, but cover up your wounds so that they are not visible. Did I cover Mine? You read the definition of virtue: "....to grow in the wounds" Why do you not grow in My Wounds? Make the wounds coalesce so that the blood of Martyrs so much mingled with My Blood, can shield you and protect you.
Halina, you know what is happening. You sense the great whore of Babylon. I have led you to show you how this has happened but you do not respond to this but greater submission to My suffering Heart and My Truth.

Your house, your spiritual house, has to be stronger. Halina, put more time aside for Me. Soon you will be travelling and moving home - travelling to a special place and moving to your new home. You will be busy but you will not achieve a peace unless you are totally compliant. You have finally started to ask the right questions in relation to your submission. Keep on asking those who I have presented as your guides. Pray more about your relationship with your Parish Priest. He is...(Jesus now makes a personal comment and a request for us to support him, and gives us an insight into the future. He designates how each of us should help him).....Do not have false compassion, but true Tolerance. pray for him much more than you do. Please, little Cactus Flower, do so with great impatience for his welfare. Plead for him.

There will still be surprises concerning your new home. All has not been made clear to you, for I wanted your submission in regards to choice of house. I know that you are fearful of both call and of this 'large' and what you perceive as dull, and a little forbidding, house and home. Halina, I love you. Please trust Me completely. Be patient. You still have not referenced - referred to My Mother on this issue adequately. What is its name? Are you certain it is Her choice? You believe it to be Mine. You act in submission, but it is My Mother house. Please be patient and execute extreme care in your actions.

I know you cannot wait for Wednesday and Fr. Peter. Plan carefully for you have much to present to him of your journey, not only your home, but your spiritual home, choice of confessor, purifying of your spirit, and other paths and inspirations.
Stop now and read this to Michael. I love you Little Cactus. 
Please Pray the Te Deum tonight. 5.55p.m.

There is a long gap between this and the next section of the Rosebud on Tolerance and Charity. The reason for this is made clear in this following and conclusive element and final part of the Rosebuds.

Tuesday 12th September 2000 7.p.m. My fathers former home, London. (Michael resting)

JESUS....Halina, I am so glad that you have started to read this book straight away and are benefiting from it already. Keep your heart focused on Me, Halina. Please relate all your questions to Me. Ask Me if you want further clarification and I will grant you insight, Halina. Ponder on the life of St. Clare. You are already learning that there were misrepresentations of her. This beautiful girl and woman had Purity as her middle name and Integrity written on her heart. Light, by her very name, came to her, and Obedience was her second calling. Her first calling was Poverty and Simplicity, which can only be achieved by Pure Love indwelling in the spirit and directing its actions. She had outer and inner beauty, and Francis loved her. When you visited her Monastery, do you recall the thunderstorm of such length that you had to stay longer than your host intended. You were almost drawn into the very buildings, you felt so close. Remember how Eucharistic St. Clare is.

Halina, I have not given you the concluding part of the final Rosebud on Tolerance and Caritas - You have, indeed you have, thought that I had concluded, though you felt that it was rather an abrupt ending. Well, the reason, My dear Boniface, -- Yes, that's what I said, Boniface - is that I had to lead you along this path of Poverty and Purity.

Listen little Boniface, Listen - I tell you this, unless My Witnesses, My Martyrs of today, love in an unbridled, uncompromising and devoted way, unless Love becomes the key to all service, unless Love is a perfection of the spirit, and unless you Love as I have Loved you, totally, you will never stand up to the tortuous path that all My remnant people will now have to travel. Caritas, Pure Charity, puts 'other' before self, and Me at the Core - the Heart of all action. My Mother loved with such a perfect love that She was incapable of sin. Perfect Love requires self-immolation and death but is resplendent with True Life. 
Show Charity to all people. Never abandon hope for anyone, but do not let fault or sin remove from your sight the beauty of the created being I made. My Father and I and the Spirit made all things perfectly. Each soul was made perfect. If you see sin, you must pray all the most ardently for the sinner. The more you pray, the more grace will be given. Do not worry if nothing seems to be happening. Life on this world is but a breath. What matters is life eternal. Pray others into being.
Little Cactus, use your prickles well, to goad and cajole others, but encourage with sweetness.
If someone walks away, let them go. My Father and I recognise those who turn their backs - but please pray for all those that you feel have not taken the path of wickedness - and have condemned themselves. I will not lose even one given to Me by My Father, but I need the prayer to offer to My Father from all My faithful people as recompense for the grave sin of today.

Little one, have hope, do not despair. Charity is born in the heart and expands it, till it breaks and bleeds. You are near this point, and you will soon realise the cost of such love. Halina, I love you. This you must know, and never let anyone or anything dull this thought. Little one, remember that all that the world gives will never match even one second of My Love for you or satisfy your heart.
Halina, look at Michael's brokenness. Yet his service is all the more for that.

So Halina, I now conclude My teaching and schooling on the Rosebuds of Crucifixion and the Path of Eternal Life. To live each one to perfection requires great heroism. Are you ready?

School yourself so that you can school others. Do not compromise. Do not run away. Submit to all direction that I give you directly and through those I have given you.
I cannot help those who do not help themselves and refuse guidance.

I wish you to Proclaim these Rosebuds. Live them and let them become your Beatitudes.

Halina, remember your key words: --
" The stone the builders rejected has become the Cornerstone".
" Love one another as I have Loved you."
" You will know the Lords Goodness in the land of the Living"
" Go sell all you have" and" the rich young man walked away sad"
" This is My Body Broken for you".
" Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies......" (I was going to go on and Jesus prompted me here). 
And My Mothers words: "My Soul Magnifies the Lord........".

Halina, Your path is written within these words and in the Rosebuds. Farewell, My little one, My Cactus and lady of Great Nothingness and Servant of the Poor, Little Boniface. But do not mourn, for I shall continue to guide and instruct you and speak with your heart, but Light shines more resplendently in Darkness. For a time, all delight in My words will be removed. You will hear Me, but feel nothing but Pain. I am with you. I will always be with you. You are the Apple of My Eye. Do not cry, but rejoice. Farewell for now, sweet one. Adieu. Show this to your Spiritual Director soon.

Perplexed about the title 'Boniface' and whilst continuing to clear my fathers bookcase I came across some old Geographical magazines( many years old) Opening one of them I was totally amazed as before my eyes was an article about St. Boniface. Written in an academic style with much history it nevertheless gave much information. However I am still not quite sure why this name.....?)

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